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July 29, 2015

2015.07.29: In Memoriam — Magnus Mukoro (1199 Delegate, Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)

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Dear friend, Legal Aid Society colleague, 1199 union brother. You will always be remembered, and deepest condolences to your family.

Magnus worked for The Legal Aid Society of New York as a paralegal, but his work went beyond the standard 9-to-5 duties of an office. He worked on many cases that affected society as a whole, including the DNA FRYE litigation in Brooklyn. Not only did he fight hard for justice as an employee of The Legal Aid Society, he was a proud SEIU 1199 Delegate that worked hard to fight for his union brothers and sisters.

Yet he didn’t stop there, he also co-founded and coached children’s soccer at Young Rock Soccer in Brooklyn. He mentored many of the young children involved with his program. He is survived by his wife Sheridan, son Josiah, and 8-yr-old daughter Marley. Magnus’ legacy will be felt by generations and he will be truly missed by many people.

Stood up for what he believed in:

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To help Magnus Mukoro’s family, click here

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