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October 25, 2016

From Labor for Standing Rock: Urgent Mobilization This Weekend

From: Letwin, Michael
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 5:02 PM
Subject: From Labor for Standing Rock: Urgent Mobilization This Weekend

Pipeline arrest

During the past few days, highly-militarized police in North Dakota have escalated brutality and arrests against Native American opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

To demand an end to this growing repression, defend indigenous rights, and stop DAPL, Labor for Standing Rock has called Union Camp this weekend (October 29-30) at Standing Rock.

To support this historic campaign, please:

*Sign Urgent Call on the AFL-CIO: Reverse Support for the Dakota Access Pipeline
*RSVP Union Camp and like Labor for Standing Rock on Facebook
*Contribute to Labor for Standing Rock

For more info:

October 18, 2016

Fw: Rally & Press Conf. to Free the Bronx 120

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From: Wright, Deborah
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2016 11:09 AM
Subject: Fw: Rally & Press Conf. to Free the Bronx 120

Sisters & Brothers,

Tomorrow, Wednesday 10/19 at 5:30pm, the families and supporters of the Bronx 120 will be holding a rally and press conference in front of the federal courthouse at 200 pearl street. 120 young men who were swept up in the most massive gang raid in New York City’s history.  Many of those arrested’s only crime was to be “associated” with suspected gang members.
I hope you all can make it! Please email or text me to rsvp!
On April 27, 2016, over 700 NYPD and federal officers, using military-grade equipment, executed the largest mass raid in NYC history, in Eastchester Gardens in the Bronx. 120 people were arrested and indicted on the basis of ‘conspiracy charges.’ The NYPD and the feds are using conspiracy charges and social media monitoring to indict whole social networks. Some of the men indicted have already been acquitted for the charges on a state level, but under Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), they are being charged on a federal level for conspiring to commit the crime. The use of RICO in Black and Brown communities is a continuation of strategies, such as COINTELPRO, the street sweep and stop-and-frisk, used to terrorize communities of color and perpetuate mass incarceration. The newly appointed police commissioner James O’Neill oversaw the arrests of the Bronx 120, and we can be certain that under his regime that these mass raids and kidnapping of young, black men will continue.

To donate to the legal & commissary fund:

Alexi Shalom
UAW Local 2325 – Assoc. of Legal Aid Attorneys (AFL-CIO)
50 Broadway, Suite 1600
NY, NY 10004-3817
Phone: (212) 343-0708
Fax: (212) 343-0966
Cell: (347) 417-1715

October 4, 2016

FYI: 6pm Tonight: Urgent Solidarity Action For Charlotte Uprising

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From: Letwin, Michael
Date: Tue, Oct 4, 2016 at 10:07 AM
Subject: FYI: 6pm Tonight: Urgent Solidarity Action For Charlotte Uprising

Urgent Solidarity Action For Charlotte Uprising

125th and Adam Clayton Powell
Rally: 6pm
March: 7pm

There is an urgent call from the Charlotte uprising for cities across the country to rise up in solidarity on Tuesday, October 4th. There has been intense repression there. Cops are looking at videos from the initial days of the uprising and have issued 95 new warrants solely for Black protestors and activists. They are arresting people when leaving demonstrations. They are going after the leaders. And they are not releasing people. Bree Newsome and others in the Charlotte uprising are asking for solidarity.

See this posting for the Charlotte call for solidarity:

On September 20th, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police killed Keith Lamont Scott, a disabled Black father who deserved to live. People have taken to the streets of Charlotte every day and every night to demand an end to the war on Black lives and Black communities. People on the ground continue to be met with police repression from the police murder of Justin Carr in the protests to the use of tear gas in crowds to the issuing of warrants for the arrests of people who have livestreamed from the frontlines.

Many cities are going to demonstrate at Bank of America because Charlotte is their national headquarters and is known as the Wall Street of the South.

Join us in Harlem as we protest in solidarity with Charlotte against police brutality, gentrification, and Bank of America’s role in both.


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