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June 15, 2012

2012.06.15: LAS 1199 info for Sunday’s Silent March to End Stop and Frisk

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From: Herschel, Lucy
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2012 12:16 PM
To: 1199 Members
Subject: LAS 1199 info for Sunday’s Silent March to End Stop and Frisk

1199 Members, obviously the 1199 contingent is going to be enormous on Sunday  We’d like to try to gather 1199 Legal Aiders to march together, if possible.  To that end, I am making a cardboard banner that will say “Legal Aid Society Chapter/ 1199 SEIU”  Also, Magnus Mukoro from Bklyn and myself (from Queens) are happy to give our cell phone numbers to anyone who’s trying to locate us.  Please email me directly if you want our numbers.

1199 will be gathering on 110th between 5th Ave. and Lenox.  Looks for us there, probably closer to Lenox.  The march doesn’t step off until 3pm, so we’d like to try to assemble our Legal Aid group at 2pm (though I’ll be there from 1).

See you out there!

Lucy Herschel, Paralegal
The Legal Aid Society
Queens Criminal Defense Practice
120-46 Queens Boulevard
Kew Gardens, NY  11415
(718) 286-2337

From: Albro, George
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2012 11:07 AM
Cc: 1199 Members
Subject: FW: details of Sunday’s Silent March to End Stop and Frisk

Please read below re important details concerning Sunday’s March. Note UAW is between 7th & 8th Aves on 110th St. and SEIU/1199 is between 5th and Lenox.

George Albro


From: Leslie Cagan []
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2012 7:26 AM
Subject: details of Sunday’s Silent March to End Stop and Frisk

6/15/12 Update on June 17th Silent March to End Stop and Frisk
(Please share this with others.)


Here is an overview of the plans for Sunday. The more this information gets out to people before then, the smoother the day will go! Thanks for whatever you can do to share this with people who are coming to the march.

Silent March

Once people turn onto Fifth Ave. they will be asked to be silent…and to remain silent for the length of the march.


* The march will begin promptly at 3 pm.

* We will march south on Fifth Ave. to 77th St.

* The Mayor’s mansion is on 79th Street.

Assembly – list of how the contingents will assemble is below
* Contingents will assemble on West 110th Street between Central Park West and Fifth Ave.
* People should enter the assembly from the west and the north, not from the east, and can start to assemble as early as 1 pm.
* There will be signs along 110th St. letting people know the best way to enter to get to their contingent, as well as Marshals helping people find their contingents.

Access to the assembly area
* Everyone should enter the assembly area from the west or from the north, NOT from the east!
* People can begin gathering as early as 1pm.
* Closest subway stops: Cathedral Parkway (110 St) on the B and C trains, Central Park North (110 St.) on the 2 and 3 trains.

What to Bring

* Wear comfortable walking shoes.

* Put on sun screen and/or wear a hat, especially if it is a sunny day.

* Carry a bottle of water.

* Posters, signs, banners – but remember that you cannot use wooden or metal sticks!
What Not to Bring

* Do not bring any noise makers or musical instruments!


Thanks again for all of the incredible work everyone is doing. We are confident that Sunday will be a powerful expression of the citywide opposition to the police department’s use of stop and frisk and the practice of racial profiling. Please check your email over the weekend, just in case we need to send you any additional information!

Leslie Cagan

Lead Organizer, June 17th Silent March

Hash tags: #silentmarchnyc, #changethenypd, #racialprofiling


The groups on the first 1/2 of each blocks’ list will assemble on the eastern 1/2 of that block, the others will be on the western 1/2 half of that same block.

On 110th Street between Fifth Ave. and Lenox Ave.
2. 1199SEIU
3. NAN
5. Faith and Clergy
6. CPR and Anti-Violence Organizations

On 110th Street between Lenox Ave. and 7th Ave.
8. Youth/Students Organizations
9. TWU Local 100 and African Diaspora/Caribbean Organizations
10.  SEIU32BJ, Immigration Organizations and Latino/Hispanic Organizations
11. Arab-American Association and Asian American Organizations
12. RWDSU and LGBT Organizations
13. CWA 1180

On 110th Street between 7th Ave.  and 8th Ave.
14. New York City Central Labor Council and other labor unions
15. Working Families Party
16. Islamic Leadership Council of Metropolitan New York
17. Peace, Global Justice and Anti-War Organizations
18. Prison Justice Table
19. Community Organizations
20. Occupy Wall Street Contingents
21. Community At-Large

If the turn out is so large that we need more area to assemble in, we will have people go further west on 110th Street.

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