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October 14, 2015

Memorandum of Agreement [With Salary Steps]

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View in readable PDF format: MOA Final 10-2015.OCR


The Legal Aid Society (LAS) and the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys (ALAA) hereby

agree to the following contract modification which shall supersede all prior memoranda

of understanding, contractual provisions, and/or practices to the contrary:

The term of the Collective Bargaining Agreement will be extended through September


Effective April 1, 2015 all staff attorneys will receive a cost of living adjustment (COLA)

equivalent to 2.5~ of their base salary and be paid in accordance with the salary: step

schedule listed under “Effective 4/1/2015” in Exhibit A ..

Effective October 1. 2015 all staff attorneys will be paid in accordance with the salary

step schedule listed under “Effective 1 0/1/2015” in Exhibit A

Within thirtY (30) days of ratification. The Legal Aid Society will implement the

retroactive salary increases set forth in the preceding two paragraphs for each Staff,

Attorney in active status at that time. For each Staff Attorney who is on an authorized

leave when the Society implements the retroactive salary increases at the levels set

forth in Exhibit A, the Society will make retroactive salary adjustments, if any are

required, within thirty (30) days of the Staff Attorney’s return from authorized leave. In

accordance with the Society’s salary payroll procedures, retroactive salary increases

are subject to applicable payroll deductions and are pensionable.

Effective upon ratification, paid pare~.ntalleave will increase from 8 weeks to 12 weeks.

This will apply to all leaves where the triggering event occurs on or after the date of


The Legal Aid Society will fund a one time early retirement offering for up to ten staff

attorneys who are on active payroll status and: a) have at least 20 years of service as of

December 31, 2015; b) are 60 years of age or older as of December 31, 2015; and

c) submit a written application for the early retirement program on or before December

31, 2015 and thereby agree to retire from The Legal Aid Society effective as of the close

of business on January 31, 2016. Each attorney accepting this offer will receive a onetime

payment of $50,000, which is subject to any applicable payroll deductions. If more

than ten eligible staff attorneys apply for this benefit, it will be given based on seniority.

The Legal Aid Society will allow a one-time “buy-back” opportunity for those attorneys

with pre-2005 “frozen” comp days. LAS will allow those attorneys to cash in up to 5

days per eligible attorney for a total amount up to $250,000. If requests exceed

$250,000, the amount paid per attorney and the number of days cashed in will be prorated


1 of2

Staff attorneys in the Staten Island Criminal Office will be allowed to participate in an

annual buy-back of up to 2 vacation days as described below:

They may elect to be paid for up to two vacation days iftheir annual buy-back in

the preceding fiscal year was for three days or less. They may elect to be paid for one

vacation day if their annual camp buyback in the preceding fiscal year was for four

days or less. An attorney whose annual camp buy-back in the preceding fiscal year

was for five or more days will not be eligible for vacation buy-back.

Staff attorneys in the Community Justice Unit will be permitted to earn camp time for

institutional assignments performed beyond the normal workday of 9 am to 5 pm.

A committee will be formed to explore how staff can participate in manager evaluations.

Each practice will create at least one rotator position for their special litigation/law

reform unit (if applicable) that will allow current staff attorneys to join the unit for a period

of two years.

CBA section 4.3.1 .3 will be amended to include the following language:

The Society will provide the reports of said monitoring to a union representative on a

monthly basis, or provide access to this information at any time on Law Manager, or

other technology used for this purpose.

Management will create a committee to explore the feasibility, cost and potential liability

issues regarding the provision of childcare services or a childcare subsidy.

Each practice will provide at least one comprehensive (8 hours or more) training/CLE

per year, targeted toward experienced staff, addressing issues relevant to their practice.

CBA section 3.13 shall be amended as follows:

There will be a joint UnionManagement committee to study the financial and other

issues of retaining senior Staff Attorneys above step 13. Said committee shall provide

findings to both ALAA and Management at least once per calendar year.

Dated: October \4 , 2015

The Association of Legal Aid Attorneys




::111 AID


Deborah Wright


Association of Legal Aid Attorneys

UA W Local2325, AFL-CIO

52 Broadway

New York, New York I 0004

Dear Debbie:

October 9, 2015

This is to confirm the following agreement among the parties:

With regard to employee benefits, effective January I, 2016:

199 Water Street

New York, NY I 0038

r (212) sn-JJOO

Oirecl Dial: (212) 577-3646

Direct Fax: (646) 616-4646


Richard J. Davis

ChDirperson of the Board

Blaine (Fin) V. Fogg


Seymour W. James, Jr.


The Society will offer a dental plan through United HealthCare with a higher level

of benefits than the current plan.

The Society will offer a new vision plan with a higher level of benefits and a larger

network than the current plan.

Descriptions of the updated dental and vision plans are forthcoming.

The health insurance available through Oxford will include transgender health

benefits. The description of these benefits is currently being finalized by Oxford.

The lifetime maximwn for IVF treatments will increase from $10,000 to $25,000.

Oxford health coverage will be available to domestic partners of the opposite sex.

The Society will provide the opportunity to purchase supplemental disability insurance and

long term care insurance at the employee’s expense at some time during the contract year.

\0\ Ä.~ l~sDate


STEP Proposed Contract Proposed Contract

2.5% at all stegs

Effective 41112015 Effective 10/112015

LG 51.250 51,250

1 56.375 60,000

2 58.425 61.000

3 60,475 62.000

4 64,635 64.635

6 67.151 67,151

8 72.101 72.101

7 76.244 75.500

8 78.063 78,500

9 80,695 81,000

10 86.279 86,279

11 91.629 91,629

12 96,642 95,642

13 100,868 100.868

14 101,499 101,688

15 102.131 102.468

16 102.761 103.268

17 103.391 104.088

18 104,021 104,868

19 104,651 105.688

20 105.283 106,468

21 106.913 107.268

22 108.544 108,088

23 107.173 108.868

24 107.804 109,688

25 ·1o9.4Ef1 · 11·0.4118

26 109.563 110.571

27 109.666 110.674

28 109,768 11o.m

29 109.871 110.880

30 112.818 112.818

36 113,331 113,331

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