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July 11, 2014

2014.07.11: Re: LAS email policy

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From: Arafa, Noha
Sent: Friday, July 11, 2014 3:28 PM
To: Fox, Allan
Cc: LAS All; 1199 Members; Fox, Allan
Subject: Re: LAS email policy

Emergency Vigil & Flyering – Friday, July 11 6 PM @ Union Square

Where: Union Square, south side of square, near Broadway
Why: In response to the escalation of Israel’s ongoing violence against Palestinians, the Bil’in Popular Committee has called foran international day of action on July 11.Palestinian students from the Gaza Strip have called for international support in ending the Israeli military assault on the besieged Gaza Strip, and for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaigns targeting Israel.

As of Thursday morning Palestine time, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza reported that 69 Palestinians had been killed by Israel’s indiscriminate bombing, of whom 60 are civilians, including 22 children and 13 women. 469 others have been wounded, mostly civilians, including 166 children and 85 women. Israel is bombing Palestinian homes in Gaza, killing whole families, a war crime according to PCHR in Gaza.

Paramedics at a hospital in Khan Younis treat Palestinians wounded in Israeli air strikes on a house which killed eight persons, 8 July. (Ramadan El-Agha / APA images)

Join us as we bear witness to the lives lost in Israel’s most recent assault and heed Palestinians’ call to support their struggle for freedom and justice through boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaigns.

In particular, we’ll highlight the boycott of nearby Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, whose parent company, the Strauss Group, boasts of its support for Israel’s Golani and Givati Brigades. Both brigades have long records of human rights abuses and were heavily involved in Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s 2008–9 assault on Gaza that killed approximately 1,400 Palestinians, including 350 children.

Other actions in NYC:

Actions you can take on-line:

Emergency Vigil & Flyering – Friday, July 11 6 PM @ Union Square

Event Location: 

South Side of Union Square (The Steps)

14th Street & Broadway

New York, NY

On Jul 11, 2014, at 3:02 PM, “Fox, Allan” wrote:

We have again been made aware of a non-work-related e-mail communication sent to all ALAA and 1199 staff about recent events in the Middle East, along with complaints from a number of staff members who object to the communication. As we reiterated on June 26, and as we have stated on many prior occasions, The Legal Aid Society’s e-mail system is to be used for work-related communications. Our e-mail policy is clearly set forth at pp. 39-41 of the Employee Handbook, which has been posted on LASnet for many years. The policy states that the computer systems and equipment of The Legal Aid Society, including e-mail, “should be used for Society business purposes only. . . . The business purpose of The Legal Aid Society is client-centered work. The purpose of e-mail is to facilitate that work.” It continues: “E-mail is not to be used as a chat room for any purpose. Conversations and discussions of international and domestic politics, social policies or religious ideologies are inappropriate in this setting. . . . It may not be used to solicit for religious or political causes, commercial enterprises, outside organizations, or other non-job related solicitations.” While e-mail subgroups may be used, “[u]sing multiple sub-groups to achieve the virtual equivalent of an ‘Everyone at The Legal Aid Society’ E-mail is prohibited.” These policies apply regardless of which side of a political, social, religious, or ideological issue a non-work-related e-mail may address or advocate.
We are sorry for having to reiterate this policy so many times, as the vast majority of staff do comply with it. However, we continue to see some e-mail communications that are inconsistent with the policy, along with complaints from staff who object to them. We want to advise staff who violate the policy that we will take appropriate steps to enforce it.

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