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January 14, 2014

2014.01.14: Brooklyn Lunch time presentation: Cop Watch

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From:    Arafa, Noha

Sent:   Tuesday, January 14, 2014 3:08 PM

To:     ALAA MEMBERS; 1199 Members

Subject:        Brooklyn Lunch time presentation:  Cop Watch


Lunch time presentation:


Wednesday, January 22, 1-2pm,

7th Floor conference room

Introduction by: Steve Wasserman, ALAA, Special Lit

Presentation by: Aidge Patterson,  People’s Justice, Cop Watch;  and Djibril Toure Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

Cop Watch maintains multiple patrols around NYC, including Brooklyn, to monitor and record the police stops.  Their patrols in Brooklyn include BedStuy, East Flatbush, and Bushwick, and patrols will begin in East New York in the spring. To support and expand their work they have developed close relationships with various legal entities, including the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Several staff members are already involved in supporting Cop Watch’s work, andALAA’s Executive Board has voted to be a sponsor of Cop Watch NYC. Join usfor a conversation about what Cop Watch is and how we can expand our involvement and support.

More info on Cop Watch, NYC from their website:

“Cop Watch NYC exists to help citizens document police conduct and hold the police accountable.

We provide resources, support and best practices for individuals, organizations and teams of community members who want to safely and legally conduct Cop Watch in their communities. We want you to be prepared before you begin Cop Watching, and to have the ability to quickly access important tips and resources from your phone, or mobile device while you are in the streets or on patrol.

If police know that we are always watching, and that we are aware of our rights, they’ll be less likely to harass and abuse people in our communities – and we’ll have the evidence we need to hold them accountable when they do.”

Djibril Toure of Malcolm X Grassroots Movement will also be here presenting. Djibril has been involved in this work for long time, and was one of the plaintiffs inthe original Stop n Frisk federal case, Daniels vs. NYC (which forced the City to hand over the statistics that laid the basis for the 2nd and most recent Stop and Frisk case, Floyd vs. NYC)

Cop Watch is project of, in partnership with Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) and Peoples’ Justice for Community Control & Police Accountability (Peoples’ Justice)


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