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July 16, 2013

2013.07.16: Trayvon: 6:30 Tonight in Washington Heights

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From: Michael Letwin
Date: Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 12:10 PM
Subject: Trayvon: 6:30 Tonight in Washington Heights
To: 1199 Members, ALAA MEMBERS

Trayvon Washington Hts
Sent: Sun, Jul 14, 2013 12:16 pm
Subject: [Personas Indignadas] Justicia para Trayvon! Nuestros
Hijos/as son Seres Humanos- Justice for Trayvon! Our Children ARE human beings!
Beloved community,
Many of us went to sleep heavy hearted after hearing the verdict on the George Zimmerman case for the murder of Trayvon Martin. Once again the criminal (in)justice system has demonstrated that its laws have been created and utilized to dehumanize and criminalize our brown and black people. Those of us who ever thought to live in a “post-racial America” have received a wake up call – racism is alive and well. What does this verdict mean to our communities of color? What are the implications that this verdict has for the safety of young black/brown men? We should be outraged! We should be concerned! This verdict means our youth wont be able to walk the streets without being fatally profiled, assaulted and murdered (as if this was not the case before!) NOW there is a precedent of a civilian acting in the capacity of a “neighborhood watch” who has killed a black boy and has received approval by the justice system. If we fail to condemn this behavior we are consenting to the killings of our youth. We must demand JUSTICE or prepare to become even more frightened for our lives and the lives of our loved ones. I refuse to live in fear for myself, my family and the youth I work with. We have the right to live in peace! Join us as we demand justice and light candles in solidarity with the Martin family on Tuesday, July 16th at 6:30pm on Mitchell Square Park/ 168th Street & Broadway. Flyers attached.
Querida comunidad,
Muchas/os de nosotras/os nos fuimos a dormir con los corazones pesados anoche tras el veredicto en el caso de George Zimmerman por el asesinato de Trayvon Martin. Una vez mas el sistema de (in)justicia criminal nos demostro que sus leyes han sido creadas para criminalizar y deshumanizar a nuestra gente. Quienes alguna vez pensaron vivir en una “America pos-racial” han recibido un llamado – el racismo vive y esta fuerte aquí. Que significa este veredicto en nuestras comunidades? Cuales son las implicaciones de este veredicto para la seguridad de nuestros hombres jóvenes Afro-Americanos y Latinos? Debemos de indignarnos! Debemos de preocuparnos! Este veredicto significa que nuestros jóvenes no podrán caminar las calles de sus comunidades sin sentir el acoso brutal y hasta enfrentar la muerte por su color de piel (como si no hubiese sido esta una realidad ya!) Ahora, esta el precedente de que un civil en la capacidad de “vigilante” a matado a un joven negro y ha recibido probación por el sistema de justicia. Si no condenamos este comportamiento estamos consintiendo el asesinato de nuestros jóvenes. Demandemos justicia o preparémonos para vivir en mas temor por nuestras vidas y la vida de nuestros/as seres queridos/as. Yo me rehuso a vivir en temor por mi vida, la de mi familia y los/as jóvenes con quien trabajo. Unete a la vigilia por la paz y justicia, y en solidaridad con la familia Martin el Martes, 16 de julio a las 6:30pm en Mitchell Square Park/ 168th Street & Broadway. Volantes adjuntos.
En la lucha,
Da Urban Butterflies (D.U.B)
“Changing the world… a block at a time!”

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