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January 24, 2013

2013.01.24: Re: Trees and the fruit they bear

From: [D.]
Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2013 9:05 PM
Subject: Re: Trees and the fruit they bear

I was on the EB for 2 bargaining negotiations under two different Union presidents.

While there are certain aspects of bargaining that should remain within the EB for reasons that should be obvious to a bunch of lawyers who negotiate for a living, there is nothing wrong with having an open debate about various options. In this day and age e-mail is the obvious vehicle for that. Sometimes it isn’t the worst thing in negotiations for the opposite side to hear that some folks aren’t jumping at the first offer on the table. And I don’t care if some supervisors hear that there are union members who don’t want them to get a bonus. I don’t know that I personally agree with that position but I’m sure glad it is out there.

Lastly, I am tired of some EB members hiding behind this idea that if we all know how they voted then negotiations will go down in flames. What a convenient, yet non-existent, rule. Since when shouldn’t we know if our elected representatives did a good job representing us? As a Senior Attny I’d sure like to know who voted against my interests, and I want to know that my Senior Attny reps did a good job advocating for me. If not, they won’t have my vote in the future.

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