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September 4, 2012

2012.09.04: New & Exciting ALAA t-shirts coming this Fall (Antonia Codling)

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From:   Codling, Antonia

Sent:   Tuesday, September 04, 2012 5:16 PM

To:     ALAA MEMBERS; 1199 Members

Subject:       New & Exciting ALAA t-shirts coming this Fall

Hi All,

A few of us in Bronx CDP have come together and created 3 t-shirts that we will be printing up this fall. All of the t-shirts will have the ALAA logo on the back. These shirts have been created to increase our visibility, especially at community-centered events.

All shirts cost $10. Proceeds will go towards printing up more t-shirts that can be given out to our clients and community members. Buying a t-shirt for a community member and/or any donations towards shirts for community members are strongly encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Please buy a t-shirt. Buy several. Buy them for family members, friends, enemies, former LAS colleagues, etc. Then, wear them! 🙂

The 3 designs – for all sensibilities – See PDF file attached:                           Colors of shirt/writing

1) Defend New York       –                                                                       military green shirt w/black writing

2) Get Out of Jail Free (a remake of the original from years ago)                               black shirt w/white writing

3) I do not consent to this search (in solidarity with the Stop Stop & Frisk movement)           bright blue shirt w/black writing & blue shirt w/orange writing

( )


1) Forward this email to:

2) Complete the Order Form below before sending the email.

3) Submit payment, see below for payment instructions.

4) Wait for your t-shirts to be delivered later in the fall! We will be contacting you via the contact information you include on the Order Form.


T-SHIRT ORDER FORM (all shirts are $10 each)


Contact # or Email:


Please indicate how many t-shirts you would like and in what size:

Qty/Size: _______/_______ Defend New York

Qty/Size: _______/_______ Get out of jail free

Qty/Size: _______/_______ I do not consent to this search

I would like to donate ___ shirt(s) to the community!

I would like to contribute $___________ towards donating shirts to community members!

Total:                     $___________



If you are in the Bronx, please give money to Antonia Codling, Josh Norkin, Robin Frankel, or Cynthia Pong.

If you are in Brooklyn, please give money to Jessica Gusberg (Brooklyn JRP).

If you are in Manhattan, Queens, or Staten Island, please await a response to your Order email with instructions on how to submit payment.

BONUS: If you’d like to help us take orders and collect money in your office, we need volunteers, especially in Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, as well as Brooklyn. Please contact Joshua Norkin or Antonia Codling if you are interested.

Thanks, everyone!

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