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December 5, 2011

2011.12.05: Re: Vote No On Tuesday in Solidarity with 1199

From: Edwards, Lisa

Sent: Monday, December 05, 2011 9:43 AM



I am voting NO and I am not hysterical or paranoid.  [E] actually makes very good points.  I am voting no in solidarity with my brothers and sisters in 1199.  They took a different route and decided that management should come to the table and bargain on this issue.  According to my 1199 colleagues, when management approached ALAA with this offer they did not approach 1199 as well.   They only heard of this offer through George who contacted them as a courtesy. There was no courtesy extended to 1199 by management.  1199 has often received crumbs after ALAA has negotiated their contract with management.  Management states that acceptance of their offer is contingent on 1199 acceptance as well.  So why are we in such a rush to accept it.  As George stated this “windfall” of $2000.00 (minus taxes) will not make a difference to our bottom line.  I’ve heard attorneys state that they could buy their Christmas gifts on credit and pay it off when this “bonus” comes in January.  A lot of our 1199 brothers and sisters don’t have that option and live pay check to pay check struggling to make ends meet without the option of putting their Christmas gifts on credit because they have none. This is our money, not theirs.  We stood in support of LSNY employees, an attorney and support staff shop. Do we merely give lip service to that support or do we stand for what we believe in. I stand with my brothers and sisters in 1199.  I ask that you do too.  Management has always tried to divide and conquer us, but UNITED WE STAND and DIVIDED WE FALL.   VOTE NO!

In solidarity with 1199 and ALAA,


(Former VP, Alt VP, Delegate, Alt Delegate (many times over) and a former member of the ALAA Bargaining Committee)

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