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November 21, 2011

2011.11.21: RE: Questions about this extra day PLEASE READ!!!!

From: Codling, Antonia
Sent: Monday, November 21, 2011 11:26 AM
Subject: RE: Questions about this extra day PLEASE READ!!!!

Dear Members,

I have been told that neither the Joint Council (“JC”) nor the Executive Board (“EB”) are scheduled to meet before 1/2012.  As such, the proposal the EB has thrust upon the members to vote upon on 12/6 really has been done in the most undemocratic, non-inclusive, ununion-like fashion. I know that there are several people who participated in their first EB meeting when this decision was made, and I don’t even assume any ill intent by any of the long-standing members of the EB who must know better. Nevertheless, I don’t believe the EB’s decision to recommend this proposal for a vote without informed input from our members was wise, proper or in keeping with our democratic traditions and principles or our bylaws.

Regardless of whether this vote is an issue that is outside of our K or part of the bargaining process, this bonus, if it is voted for, will indeed be considered when our next K is negotiated in the near future. In my experience, this is not how this Union has ever done bargaining — without absolutely any consultation whatsoever from its members. This proposal was put out and 2,000 emails later there is still not universal clarity. Even assuming we can all gain some clarity, we have no input on the question upon which we will vote.

If the reason why the EB and LAS have not begun bargaining for our next K is because LAS does not have any money, how is it that this $2 million proposal came about; If there really is no extra day of pay, what is the financial benefit to LAS for offering this $2 million? What “pot” of money is LAS using to fund this proposal?

Furthermore, how will accepting this proposal affect us in future negotiations — and if that is not known, why can’t this vote be delayed until after the JC meets to offer membership input; What is the state of LAS fiscal affairs — given all of the hiring LAS has done in the last 2 years, given all of the hiring that the Alternate providers have done, given the dire situation with legal services having to lay off people, and given the restraint on overtime OCA has been given — will LAS be threatening pink slips in the next fiscal year?

I have no personal preference on how this money gets paid out to our members — it’s not going into the base of our salaries, so in some way, we all lose, and so do those coming behind us.  However, it is of supreme importance to me that our members voices be heard and considered.

In view of the above, I make a motion that a meeting of the Joint Council be scheduled before 12/6.

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