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November 21, 2011

2011.11.21: RE: Deja vu: Membership participation, lack of alternatives and 1199

From: Edwards, Lisa

Sent: Monday, November 21, 2011 2:01 PM


Subject: RE: Deja vu: Membership participation, lack of alternatives and 1199

Sisters and Brothers :


In 2006 many people raised the issue of democratic process and the lack of alternatives presented when we had to vote on a contract.  The issue was raised again during this past ALAA election when members objected to a short campaign season that was waged via email as opposed to a public forum.  In fact, a member asked that this issue be placed on the agenda of the next JC or EB meeting after the election, yet we have not had a response.  I can’t remember when we last had a general membership meeting.  I agree with Antonia Codling,  [M], [R] and  [J].  I’m not sure how I plan to vote.  I haven’t reviewed all the various explanations in the emails, but the process itself remains a concern.  Will these concerns continue to be ignored.

I am also saddened that the only response to a question regarding  a bonus for 1199 was that they are negotiating separately.   The 1199 members  in my office have not heard of this proposal by management at all.  We are all struggling without a cost of living increase but we all know that they struggle even more.  We can rally for LSNY union members but not express any concern for our brothers and sisters in 1199 ??

See excerpts from my 2006 email below and you will understand why my subject line is deja vu.

—-Original Message—–

From: Lisa R. Edwards

Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2006 1:48 PM


Subject: Why I’m Voting No

…..Our shop has repeatedly asked for a membership wide informational meeting to discuss the status of bargaining and then to discuss the proposed offer and then to discuss the “tweaked” language for the purpose of hearing various points of view in an open forum. The vote is tomorrow. It has not been postponed and the time for such a meeting has run out. ….

…. People ask what alternative do we have if we vote this contract down. Unfortunately we have never been presented with one. We have only been told that the ratification of this contract is our only alternative. We have not mobilized our members. We have not laid the foundation to explore any other alternative but the ratification of this insulting contract. …..

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