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November 3, 2011

2011.11.03: 11.2 OWS Report: General Strike Shuts Port of Oakland

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From: Letwin, Michael
Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2011 8:41 AM
To: 1199 Members; ALAA MEMBERS
Subject: 11.2 OWS Report: General Strike Shuts Port of Oakland

NYC Labor Against the War
11.2 Occupy Wall Street Report:

General Strike Shuts Port of Oakland

Source: Port of Oakland Running at Half Capacity After Wildcat Strike in Solidarity With Occupy Oakland
“Rank and filers told people this morning not to take work. Key jobs were not filled but some other jobs were,” Heyman said, resulting in what he described as an “effective shutdown.” “This is an example of the consciousness of the San Francisco ports union, which has a history of solidarity actions with the global labor movement,” Heyman added.

Occupy Oakland succeeds in shutting down port
‎”At this time, maritime operations are effectively shut down at the Port of Oakland. Maritime area operations will resume when it is safe and secure to do so,” the port said in a written statement to Reuters.

General Strike Shuts Down Oakland. Watch Live! |
Watch live as the 99% fight back and shut down a port. Today Oakland, tomorrow your public square. On November 17th, in NYC and beyond, we will resist until we win. We will no longer accept the rule of the 1%. This is not a symbolic protest. This is the resistance. Act now.

Live Blog: Crowds gather, block traffic in downtown Oakland
Thousands of people have assembled at the intersection at Webster and 20th streets in front of Chase and other bank branches. Two protesters climbed a lamp post and put up a banner that crosses Webster street that says “Occupy the banks.”

Workers, students join Occupy rally in Oakland
Thousands of anti-Wall Street protesters marched in the streets of Oakland on Wednesday as they geared up with labor unions to picket banks, take over foreclosed homes and vacant buildings and disrupt operations at the nation’s fifth-busiest port.

Occupy movement organises day of protest in Oakland — in pictures
Protesters gathered on Wednesday for a planned ‘general strike’ aimed at shutting down the city in a series of demonstrations.

“Occupy Oakland” strike gains big labor support – CBS News
The unions representing Oakland’s public school teachers, community college instructors, city government workers and University of California, Berkeley teaching assistants have endorsed the broad-based call to action that is expected to include marches, pickets outside banks and an attempt to shut down the Port of Oakland in the evening.

Veteran’s journey from Iraq to Oakland protests
“I was not surprised that he was at a protest, speaking up. Scott had gotten older, he’d grown up and gotten a voice. He wasn’t a completely different person when he came back. He’d just seen a lot things. And I was proud of him, standing up for something he believed in.”

Shutting It All Down: The Power of General Strikes in U.S. History
The two major general strikes in American history are the Seattle General Strike of 1919 and the Oakland General Strike of 1946. In 1919, the workers of Seattle engaged in a three-day mass action calling all city workers onto the streets. This was the first citywide collective action in American history known as a general strike.

We are all Oakland
Occupy, while tapping into the same working class radicalization that fueled the Wisconsin revolt, is a far broader movement. It is a national uprising, first of all–and it targets social inequality, denounces big-money control of both political parties, and raises questions about the system itself.

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