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October 29, 2011

2011.10.16: NYC Labor Against the War: 10.15 OWS Report: The Whole World Is Moving

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Subject: NYC Labor Against the War: 10.15 OWS Report: The Whole World Is Moving

Yesterday was awesome. Who was there, and what did you see and do?


NYC Labor Against the War
10.15 Occupy Wall Street Report:
The Whole World Is Moving

Times Square, NYC

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‘Today we call the citizens of the world: let us globalise Tahrir Square! Let us globalise Puerta del Sol!’
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Protesters Push For Solidarity As “Occupy Wall Street” Enters Fifth Week
“Occupy Wall Street” protesters moved beyond Zuccotti Park throughout the day, gathering in locations across the five boroughs and staging demonstrations outside of banks. Several hundred gathered in front of a Chase bank earlier in the day, and thousands of protesters were joined by union members as they made their way to the Greenwich Village park from the Financial District. Protesters said the goal of the march was to show solidarity and uniformity with the 1,400 “Occupy” protests happening around the globe.–occupy-wall-street–enters-fifth-week

Thousands of protesters fill NY’s Time Square
Other demonstrations were planned around the city all day Saturday, including an anti-war march to mark the 10th anniversary of the Afghanistan War. Among the people participating in that march was Sergio Jimenez, 25, who said he quit his job in Texas to come to New York to protest. “These wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were all based on lies,” Jimenez said.

NYPD can’t mass arrest 50K marchers in Times Square, police horse killed trying
On October 15, police tried one violent attack after another in a futile attempt to either drive off or mass arrest up to 50,000 protesters marching on Times Square. Before the police were ordered back, one of their horses reportedly had to be “put down” after going down during a violent attack on protesters by mounted police.


A manifesto for regime change on behalf of all humanity
Today we call the citizens of the world: let us globalise Tahrir Square! Let us globalise Puerta del Sol!

The Guardian says protests in nearly 1000 cities around the world today.

Occupy Wall Street protests spread across the world on ‘global day of revolution’
Galvanized by the Occupy Wall Street movement, the protests began in New Zealand, rippled round the world to Europe and were expected to return to their starting point in New York.

Occupy Wall Street inspires global protests against the ‘1%’ (reports, videos, pics) | Links Interna
Below are just a few reports from around the world. More will be added as they come to hand, so please check back. If you are a participant in any of the global Occupy actions, please leave a report in the Comments box at the end.

Occupy anti-capitalism protests spread around the world
Economic protests inspired by Spain’s “Indignants” and the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York spread to cities around the world on Saturday. Tens of thousands went on the march in London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Rome, Sydney and Hong Kong as organisers aimed to “initiate global change” against capitalism and austerity measures. Rallies were expected in 82 countries.


EGYPT: Candle light vigil for Maspero martyrs.
On October 13, 2011 thousands of Egyptians gathered downtown at Talaat Harb square in a silent stand with candles in solidarity with the massacre victims who were slain by the Army on October 9 in front of Maspero. In fact it wasn’t a silent stand.

PALESTINE: Palestinians protest Israeli checkpoints
Palestinians have staged protest rallies against the segregation of roads by the Israeli regime in the occupied West Bank, calling for the release of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails, Press TV reports.

YEMEN: Security forces fire on protesters in Yemen –
Yemeni security forces opened fire on anti-government protesters Saturday, killing 10 and wounding 38 others, a medic said.


Occupying Word Street : Word Routes : Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus
Viva l’occupazione! The etymology of the term “occupy” as a political term dates back to Italy in the 1920’s: “About 600,000 workers took control of the factories, and the movement was known in Italian as l’occupazione delle fabbriche, or “the occupation of the factories.”

Will Occupy Wall Street be a global catalyst?
Confrontations with the Praetorian Guard of the status quo and its elite benefactors is hardly a surprise. The police exist in large measure to maintain the existing order. In the eyes of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, that order has failed too many for too long and must be replaced. Some amount of friction between the two groups in this relationship is all but inevitable.


PLEASE CIRCULATE WIDELY: If you are arrested at an Occupy Event, call the National Lawyers Guild: New York City: (212) 679-6018 Los Angeles: (323) 696-2299 Washington, DC: (202) 957 2445 Chicago: (773) 309-1198 San Francisco: (415) 285-1011 New Orleans: (504) 875-0019 Baltimore: (410) 205-2850 Minnesota: (612) 656-9108 Michigan: (313) 963-0843 Portland: (503) 902-5340 Boston: (617) 227-7335 Pennsylvania & Delaware: (267) 702-4654 Idaho: (208) 991-4324 Be very sure to write the applicable phone number in PERMANENT marker somewhere concealed on your body, protected from the elements. Do NOT assume you will be able to retrieve the number from a phone or a notebook. It is very likely you will be stripped of all your belongings.

The resistance continues at Liberty Square and Nationwide!

Donate Money to #occupywallstreet

NYC General Assembly
The Official Website of the GA at #OccupyWallStreet

Occupy Wall St.: Immediate Needs
Comfort Committee’s Current NEEDS: thermal wear (especially smaller sizes), blankets, toiletries (especially toothpaste), hats & gloves, towels for showers We do NOT need more ponchos or space blankets. All donations can be sent to: The UPS Store Re: Occupy Wall Street 118A Fulton St. #205 New York, NY 10038

Occupy Together
Welcome to OCCUPY TOGETHER, an unofficial hub for all of the events springing up across the country in solidarity with Occupy Wall St.

We Are the 99 Percent
Brought to you by the people who occupy wall street. Why will YOU occupy?





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