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October 14, 2011

2011.10.14: 10.14 OWS Report: With the Whole World Watching, Bloomberg Backs Down

From: Letwin, Michael
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2011 4:26 PM
To: 1199 Members; ALAA MEMBERS
Subject: 10.14 OWS Report: With the Whole World Watching, Bloomberg Backs Down

NYC Labor Against the War
10.14 Occupy Wall Street Report:
With the Whole World Watching,
Bloomberg Backs Down

– – – – – – – –
‘Liberty Park belongs to OWS, and not a single person who was there will forget what it felt like to win a battle.’
– – – – – – – –


#OCCUPYWALLSTREET WINS! Bloomberg backs down, protestors stay in park
The awesome moment when 5,000 protestors defended their right to OCCUPY WALL STREET!

‘The World Is Watching’: Occupy Wall Street Stares Down the NYPD
That the protesters could peacefully stare down New York City authorities and preserve Zuccotti Park — Liberty Square, as they call it — as theirs is a significant victory for Occupy Wall Street’s burgeoning image.,8599,2096976,00.html

NYC Withdraws Cleaning Evacuation Order in Face of Defiant Occupy Wall Street Protesters
At about 6:00 in the morning, a march of union members arrived to Liberty Square, and the reception was one of pure joy, chanting, cheering. It really bolstered the numbers here. And you’re right that the resolve among the protesters here has been quite remarkable.

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Win Bloomberg Showdown | The Nation
The cleaning crew will return. But at least for one more night, Liberty Park belongs to OWS, and not a single person who was there will forget what it felt like to win a battle.

Mobilization saves Occupy Wall Street
The thousands of union members, students and everyday New Yorkers who responded to the call to come to Liberty Plaza — the protesters’ new name for Zuccotti Park, a square privately owned by real estate giant Brookfield Properties — clearly compelled Bloomberg to question the wisdom of carrying out an act of mass repression against a peaceful crowd as the whole world watched.

Occupy Wall Street Holds Ground, with Labor’s Help
Red-shirted Communications Workers — many of them recently on strike against Verizon — graduate student members of the United Auto Workers, building services workers in their SEIU Local 32BJ purple T-shirts, and Transport Workers Local 100 members were among the unionists visible in the crowd. . . . Sunrise found people excitedly chatting about the victory and buying coffee from street vendors, while several hundred marched off toward the Stock Exchange and others started toward City Hall, attracting cheers and friendly waves from construction workers atop the half-built Fulton Street Transit Center.

Aftermath: NYPD’s Brutal Retaliation


5:30pm – 8:30pm: “Empire on Wall Street” action
Snapshots of US military actions over the last 60 years will be displayed on signs in a visual artistic expression to educate and intervene at #OccupyWallSt in an effort to include more discussion including the voices of occupied peoples. We are asking people to join us at 5:30pm on Friday Oct. 14 at the red cube to participate in this action by holding signs, passing out flyers for concrete things people can do to resist militarization & war, or stand in solidarity. WEAR BLACK!

6 p.m.: Labor Working Group Meeting
Location: DC 37, 125 Barclay Street, Room #4 (enter on Murray Street).

7 p.m.: Guantanamo at Home: An evening with the families of US terror suspects
Family members will tell their own stories of the human and civil rights violations here in US courts and prisons – stories of the inhumane conditions of confinement terror suspects face pre-trial and post-conviction; of over-reaching material support charges often accompanied by flimsy evidence; of years of intrusive and often illegal government surveillance; of FBI informants disrupting mosques and instigating conspiracies.


Bigger Than Ever: Occupy Wall Street – October 15 – Day of Actions
‎Occupy Wall Street’s October 15th – Day of Actions have actions targeting banks throughout the day around specific themes: jobs, education, housing, environment, and war. It will culminate with a mass convergence/party at Times Square, 5pm. Thousands will be participating throughout the day. Don’t miss Occupy Wall Street’s biggest day!

Students for Justice in Palestine – National & Existence is Resistance Present “Freedom for Palestin
This Saturday – Immortal Technique (Immortal technique) Marcel Cartier Mazzi (S.O.U.L. Purpose) Invincible Tahani Salah Mark Gonzalez DJ Johnny Juice and more will be in attendance and taking part – Please come through – lets expand the movement. Inspire others to Occupy…..


Yes, We Have a Permit to Occupy
This morning, Occupy Wall Street protesters celebrated when New York authorities beat a last-minute retreat from clearing Liberty Plaza – as hundreds of labor and other activists rushed to defend the square. But at the same time this morning, dozens of state troopers in riot gear cleared out Occupy Denver protests. In cities across the country, Occupy protesters have faced police violence, arrests and forcible removal. The authorities say we don’t have the proper permits to occupy public spaces. Our permit to occupy is the First Amendment. Sign the following statement and spread the message and video:

Protesters disrupt hearing on US defense spending
Protesters disrupted a congressional hearing Thursday on US defense spending, with one demonstrator shouting “You are murdering people!” as police dragged him out of the room.

Boston Teachers Union membership endorses Occupy Boston
Last evening the BTU membership endorsed Occupy Boston and agreed to send a donation of $500 in food supplies to those encamped.

Ford Workers Opposing Contract in Early Votes
UAW reformers oppose the contract because it would freeze wages and substitute bonuses—which wouldn’t recover the losses from years of concessions—and it would permanently institutionalize the two-tier wage system. Despite raises for the lower tier, the contract provides no bridge to higher wages. In response, the national union put out the word that a “no” vote would mean a strike and that Ford would hire scabs—a fantasy designed to scare members.

Laid-Off Hotel Bel-Air Workers and OCCUPY LA to Protest Hotel Bel-Air’s Refusal to Bring Back 100+ Staff
The hotel is owned by the Brunei Investment Agency, an agency of the government of Brunei. The nation is ruled by its Sultan, one of the richest men in the world. OCCUPY LA has pledged to send protesters in support of the former Bel-Air workers. Buses will transport protesters from City Hall on Friday afternoon at 3:30 pm.


What the occupation means to me: Arun Gupta, Co-founder of The Indypendent and The Occupied Wall Street Journal
What must be avoided is the pursuit of reform, which is based on the notion that the system is fundamentally just and only needs to be tweaked with policy changes. This is the perspective of every compromised force within the Democratic Party from ossified labor unions to reformist NGOs to clientelist community groups, which are glomming on to Occupy Wall Street to push their agenda and return disgruntled Democratic voters back to the fold in 2012. This movement will achieve victories by rejecting the ballot box, staying in the streets, constructing new narratives and keeping the heat on the oligarchy. Most of all, we must keep changing consciousness, people’s notion of themselves, society and possibility. That is what will push this movement forward in ways we can barely imagine.

An Insidious Threat to the Occupy Movement » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
One can only hope that the Occupy Movement is armed with the knowledge of the Democratic Party’s record of cooptation and betrayal of radical movements; and will therefore chart a political movement of the working people and other grassroots independent of both parties of big business.

Occupy Wall Street not Palestine! |
We are part of the world’s 99% yearning for freedom, justice and equal rights!. . . . ‎The Occupy Wall Street movement and its counterparts across the US, Europe, Latin America and elsewhere are — at least partially — inspired by the Arab Spring for democracy and social justice. Leaders of the Arab popular revolts tell us that they, in turn, were largely inspired by our own, decades-old struggle against Israel’s occupation of our land, its system of discrimination that matches the UN’s definition of apartheid, and its denial of the right of Palestinian refugees to return home.

Occupy Wall Street not Palestine! |
We call upon all the spreading social movements of the world to think critically when considering their attitude towards the Israeli ‘social justice’ protests, which have almost completely ignored the key issue at the heart of all of the problems faced by ordinary Palestinians and even Israelis: Israel’s costly system of occupation, colonialism and apartheid over the Palestinian people. Without putting an end to that multi-tiered Israeli system of oppression, our entire region will never enjoy a comprehensive and lasting peace, one that is based on justice and human rights.

We are the 99%. So let’s rise up and smash capitalism
The revolts and revolutions that have swept the globe this year give a stirring glimpse of the possibilities that open up when the mass of people start to rise up and impose themselves on the powerful. We need to build those revolts, and turn them into a political movement that can not only challenge the power of the ruling capitalist elite, but tear down their system and build a new world based on democratic control by the mass of people.


The resistance continues at Liberty Square and Nationwide!

Donate Money to #occupywallstreet

NYC General Assembly
The Official Website of the GA at #OccupyWallStreet

Legal Assistance
National Lawyers Guild-NYC: 212.679.6018

Occupy Wall St.: Immediate Needs
Comfort Committee’s Current NEEDS: thermal wear (especially smaller sizes), blankets, toiletries (especially toothpaste), hats & gloves, towels for showers We do NOT need more ponchos or space blankets. All donations can be sent to: The UPS Store Re: Occupy Wall Street 118A Fulton St. #205 New York, NY 10038

Occupy Together
Welcome to OCCUPY TOGETHER, an unofficial hub for all of the events springing up across the country in solidarity with Occupy Wall St.

We Are the 99 Percent
Brought to you by the people who occupy wall street. Why will YOU occupy?





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