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September 29, 2011

2011.09.29: RE: Campaign Statement

From: Torres, Azalia
Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2011 2:14 PM
Subject: RE: Campaign Statement

I wholeheartedly support Richard Torres for the position of Financial Secretary/Treasurer of ALAA.

Fundamentally, I strongly believe that ALAA needs new energey and vision to more forward in these very difficult times both economically and politically.  This position cannot continue to be solely about what candidates we support and participating in UAW committees.  We have to demand accountability from our leadership and have a right to expect them to be readily available to address our needs, etc.  This is especially so for the full-time positions of President and Financial Secretary/Treasurer.

We have a President that has been and I am sure will continue to be responsive to our needs and readily available to us when we are in crisis.  However, this has not been the history of our present Financial Secretary/Treasurer, George Albro.  When he writes in his statement of all the gains of ALAA that he has been responsible for (not quoting), he clearly revises history.  All our major gains have been a product of the many efforts of union members who have devoted their time and energey to fight for them.  In the recent past, Debbie Wright has led the charge, so to speak, on many of these issues.

Democracy in our union is what historically distinguished us from all other unions.  We’ve lost much of this in the last few years.  We need to encourage new blood to take on more and more responsibility in our union and not settle for “business as usual” which has been the case in the position of Financial Secretary/Treasurer.  It is refreshing  to see so many newer attorneys eager to take on the task of leading us into the many battles we will have to fight in the coming years.

Let’s not settle for elections by default as the norm.  I encourage debate on the many issues raised by Richard Torres.  His statement is all about what his perspective is regarding our union’s future.  He is not about the glory or about wanting the position for the length of his employment at LAS.  He is a hard worker and with us behind him holding him and the rest of our leadership accountable to us and our needs, ALAA can renew and surpass the level of activism which we so sorely need to overcome the many obstacles to be put in our path.

Support Richard Torres.  A vote for him is a vote for real change.  Thank you.

We are a union that needs energizing.

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