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March 21, 2008

2008.03.21: Antiwar Bulletin: 5th Anniversary of Iraq War

From: Fry, Julie
Sent: Friday, March 21, 2008 10:48 AM
To: ALAA MEMBERS; 1199 Members
Subject: Antiwar Bulletin: 5th Anniversary of Iraq War

[Union Free Speech Notice: Like messages about the presidential elections and any number of other issues, this message is protected speech*]

1. ALAA Antiwar Vote (4/14/03)
2. NYC Labor Against the War (9/27/01)
3. Winter Soldier: G.I. Testimony About U.S. War Crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq (3/08)
4. More Than One Million Iraqis Dead Since 2003 Invasion: Study (1/31/08)
5. $3 Trillion is Just a Part of the Cost (3/16/08)
6. Seven Out of 10 Iraqis Want Foreign Forces to Leave: Poll (3/17/2008)
7. Protesters Turn Out for War’s Anniversary (3/19/08)
8. West Coast Dockers Antiwar Strike (2/26/08)
9. From a Mother in Gaza to a Mother in Sderot (3/13/08)
10. Democracy Now Reports Gaza Massacre (3/03/08)


Five years of U.S. war and occupation in have brought made Iraq the world’s greatest humanitarian disaster:

* More than a million Iraqis are dead.
* Millions more are refugees.
* The overwhelming majority of Iraqis still want the U.S. out.
* Nearly 4000 U.S. soldiers have died and many thousands are wounded.
* The cost is estimated at trillions of dollars.
* The economy is tottering on the brink of disaster.
* None of the Democratic or Republican candidates will even promise if and when they would get out.

Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to:

* Wage war in Afghanistan.
* Back Israel’s wars in Lebanon and Palestine.
* Threatens to attack Iran.

This endless war is indeed another Vietnam. All so that the U.S. government and multinational corporations can dominate the oil-rich Middle East.

The material below, including two documents concerning ALAA, 1199 and the war explores these issues.

For additional material, visit and/or subscribe to the listserv from New York City Labor Against the War, at:

1. ALAA Antiwar Vote (4/14/03)
At home, the war’s incalculable economic cost—combined with new tax cuts for the wealthy—is already coming directly out of education, fire protection, sanitation, veterans’ benefits, social security, health care, and virtually every other essential government service. These policies will further devastate our clients’ communities, and bode poorly for funding such programs as indigent legal representation.
[Full text:

2. NYC Labor Against the War (9/27/01)
No one should suffer what we experienced on September 11. Yet war will inevitably harm countless innocent civilians, strengthen American alliances with brutal dictatorships and deepen global poverty-just as the United States and its allies have already inflicted widespread suffering on innocent people.
[Full text, including list of 1,254 trade union signers, including ALAA & 1199 members:

3. Winter Soldier: G.I. Testimony About U.S. War Crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq (3/08)
Read Bios of the Panelists <;
Listen to Archived Audio from Previous Panels: Rules of Engagement: Part 1 <; | Rules of Engagement: Part 2 <; | The Crisis in Veterans’ Healthcare <; | Corporate Pillaging and Military Contractors <; (with more to come!)

4. More Than One Million Iraqis Dead Since 2003 Invasion: Study (1/31/08)
[Full text;

5. $3 Trillion is Just a Part of the Cost (3/16/08)
The staggering $3 trillion sum has been called conservative by some critics, who say the war’s cost could reach $5 trillion. And even by the most lowball estimates, America will pay more than $1 trillion in current and future costs for a war that is driving military spending into a potential budgetary black hole. . . .

Hillary Clinton, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, advocates winding down the Iraq war but backs a strong military.

Barack Obama, who has pledged to stop the war in Iraq and cut billions of dollars in “wasteful spending,” comes closest to tackling the massive issue. But his plans for an expanded troop level to fight the “war on terror” are moving in the other direction.
[Full text:

6. Seven Out of 10 Iraqis Want Foreign Forces to Leave: Poll (3/17/2008)
More than two-thirds of Iraqis believe US-led coalition forces should leave, according to a poll conducted for British television ahead of the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion.
[Full text:

7. Protesters Turn Out for War’s Anniversary (3/19/08)
Thousands of people carried signs and chanted in the streets of Manhattan on Tuesday, calling for an end to the war in Iraq, which began five years ago today. Demonstrators also converged in Washington; San Francisco; Portland, Ore.; and elsewhere to call on President Bush to heed what they said was the will of the people.
[Full text:,1,5865259,print.story%5D

8. West Coast Dockers Antiwar Strike (5/1/08)
That it is time to take labor’s protest to a more powerful level of struggle by calling on unions and working people in the U. S. and internationally to mobilize for a “No Peace No Work Holiday” May 1, 2008 for 8 hours to demand an immediate end to the war and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan and the withdrawal of U. S. troops from the Middle East.
[Full text:

9. From a Mother in Gaza to a Mother in Sderot (3/13/08)
Like I feel sorry for your son, I feel sorry for my Palestinian children who are born and will die in Gaza, unable to have the chance of seeing other worlds, and who have to face F-16s, Apache helicopters and the Israeli army’s brutal invasions into Gaza. However, my children are not fortunate enough to have the excellent medical care that your son has. My children do not have the chance to run to a shelter and there is no alarm to tell them that there is a strike coming. My children cannot be guaranteed the love and care that your son found because all of their family might be killed in one strike, they might witness the death of their parents, or any of their dear family members as the Palestinians are targeted everywhere, even in their homes and among their children.
[Full text:

10. Democracy Now Reports Gaza Massacre
Israel has been using the heaviest missiles by F-16s. Some experts here estimate that there are one-ton weight of Israeli missiles that Israel has been using. And that’s the case, as one of the medical sources here told me about the whole situation. And we have been told also that there is a bombing by F-16s in a close area nearby, and there are more ambulances coming with more casualties and with more people who are coming to the hospital. We are not sure who is a target. But I can tell you that most of the casualties were children and women. And among those 130 people, there are thirty-nine children and ten women.
[Full text: ]


*Collective Bargaining Agreement, §§ 3.5 (“The expression of personal religious, political, social or economic beliefs of each and every attorney is fully guaranteed and will never constitute grounds for discharge or relief from an individual assignment unless, in either instance, it can be demonstrated that such expression has, or will, directly interfere(d) with, and detract from, representation of a Society client so as to render said representation less than at the highest level of competence and effectiveness.”) and 1.5 (“The Union will have reasonable use of the Society’s internal communication mechanisms.”).

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