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March 20, 2008

2008.03.20: Defend UAW activists fighting for union rights in the South

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From: Herschel, Lucy
Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2008 11:52 AM
To: 1199 Members; ALAA MEMBERS
Subject: Defend UAW activists fighting for union rights in the South

Below is an announcement for a solidarity meeting for the Freightliner 5 – 5 union militants who are fighting for their jobs back after being fired for leading a wildcat strike at a Freightliner plant in North Carolina.  Their fight is a fight for civil rights and union rights in the non-union South, as well as a fight for union democracy and a more aggressive strategy for Labor.

Please spread the word and come out to the event.  You can also go to their website to learn more, sign a petition or contribute:

The outcome of this struggle will have a big impact on union organizing in the south and around the country.  The Labor movement as a whole is at a crossroads.  It remains to be seen if it can rise to the challenge of falling wages, attacks on health care and pensions, shrinking unionization rates, etc. I believe that it’s activists like the Freightliner 5, who stand up against top-down union organizing and the strategy of Labor/Management cooperation, who point the way forward.


please forward widely….



THE FREIGHTLINER 5—Robert Whiteside, Allen Bradley, Franklin Torrence, Glenna Swinford and David Crisco—are members of the negotiating committee of United Auto Workers Local 3520 in Cleveland, NC. They were fired by Freightliner in April 2007 after leading a walkout when management broke off negotiations without extending the union contract.

Since then, the workers have been appealing for support to keep up the fi ght as an arbitrator prepares to hear their case. Their speaking tour has included stops in Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, L.A. and Portland (Freightliner’s corporate headquarters). The importance of a victory in this struggle is magnifi ed due to the historic weakness of the U.S. labor movement in the South. Join us in the spirit of solidarity with these dedicated and heroic trade unionists as they seek justice. Help raise money for their defense campaign and find out how you can help win their jobs back! Learn more at


March 29th 5pm

Musicians Local 802 Hall

322 West 48th Street

Take the 1 or C/E train to 50th Street

Robert Whiteside

Union official and strike leader, UAW Local

3520 and NAACP activist.

Allen Bradley

UAW’s Voluntary Organizing Committee (VOC),

strike leader, UAW local 3520 and NAACP.

Stanley Aronowitz

Professor of Sociology at the Graduate Center

of the City University of New York. Author

of several books on labor and the economy.

Member of PSC, AFT Local 2334.

Sponsored by the Ad-Hoc Committee to Support the Freightliner 5

For information or to endorse, contact: 917-969-5658 or

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