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October 24, 2007

2007.10.24: Free Book with Donation to Campaign to End the Death Penalty Fund Drive!!!

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From: Rebecca L Kurti
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 9:58 AM
To: 1199 Members
Subject: Free Book with Donation to Campaign to End the Death Penalty Fund Drive!!!


Hey All,

The NYC Campaign to End the Death Penalty is launching a local fundraising campaign (separate from the Costella Cannon Scholarship) to build support for NYC family members and exonerated prisoners to travel to Chicago to the annual Campaign to End the Death Penalty Convention.

Please consider sponsoring someone for the event; any level of support would be a huge help.

This year the Foster family will

be joining us — on the heels of our tremendous victory in Texas– along with the sister of Troy Davis, Sr. Helen Prejean, activists from across the country, and more. In the midst of a de  facto moratorium on executions in the US, our Convention comes at a critical time in strategizing for our movement, and we aim love to bring as many of our Chapter members to attend as possible.

To donate, you can get in touch with me to make arrangements, either by phone (718) 243-6333 or email.

BOOK OFFER! Anyone who contributes at the level of $30 or more receives a free book! Your choice of…

Blackwater, by Jeremy Scahill   or

Eight O’Clock Ferry to the Windward Side, by Clive Stafford Smith about Guantanamo detainees

(read Democracy Now!’s interview with Smith at


Below is a heartfelt appeal from Jeanine Scott, whose husband Michael was wrongfully-convicted, asking for a contribution to our fund to help bring prisoners’

family members and exonerees to the Campaign to End the Death Penalty national convention.

Dear Supporter,

What an incredible feeling! Just hours before Kenneth Foster was to be killed in the state of Texas , we learned his sentence was commuted. We showed that with determination and strong voices, we can make a difference.

Over the previous months, I developed an extended family in the family of Kenneth Foster Jr. His grandfather, Lawrence, and I had met through Campaign to End the Death Penalty (CEDP) meetings. Recently, in the home stretch to save Kenneth, the entire family made their voices heard along with Texans and people around the world. As the spouse of a man who was wrongfully convicted, I can say that it was Kenneth¹s family that made the difference.

I came to the Campaign to End the Death Penalty seven years ago. I was angry, frustrated and in pain. The system wanted to murder my husband, Michael Scott, and three co-defendants for a 1991 quadruple homicide they had not committed. The families of three of these young men banded together to save all of them. Still we felt isolated and helpless.

On a Saturday after visiting Michael at the county jail, where he was awaiting trial, I stepped into a crowd demanding an end to executions and that Gary Graham be spared from death. I knew nothing of Gary Graham, but I knew where I stood on the issue personally. Hoping to help my husband and his co-defendants, I began attending CEDP meetings regularly. As I became immersed in a group of people that wanted to change our system of justice and put an end to executions, I found comfort, support and a chance to speak out about our plight. In so doing I discovered that I was not alone. I found a sister in Sandra Reed and joined her in speaking out about her son Rodney, who is on death row here in Texas .

I’m writing you today to ask you to contribute to our fund to help bring family members with loved ones in prison to the CEDP’s national convention. Our convention is the time for us to celebrate victories, mourn losses and plan the next battle. It is an opportunity to renew those ties that strengthen us with people from across the nation and the globe.

The fight around Kenneth Foster shows that it is crucial for family members to be part of this experience.

All the family members who have shared in the struggle to end state-sanctioned murder are dear to me. Please help us bring as many of them together as possible by contributing to our fundraising efforts.

Jeannine Scott


Austin, Texas


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