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July 30, 2007

2007.07.30: Request for Endorsement will be made at the next DC meeting

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From: L.Antonia Codling
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007 5:38 PM
To: 1199 Members; ALAA MEMBERS
Subject: Request for Endorsement will be made at the next DC meeting

A community organization called the “December 12th Movement”, is calling for a “Day of Outrage” rally that is generally targeted at police brutality in communities of color.  The rally will specifically highlight the police assault of attorneys Evelyn & Michael Tarif Warren.

Evelyn and Michael Warren observed several NYPD officers brutalizing a young man by the name of Freddy Martinez.  It was subsequently learned that Mr. Martinez is a client of LAS, Brooklyn-CDD office.

The December 12 Movement is obtaining other organizational support for this event/rally.  I am requesting that ALAA endorse this event for the following reasons:

*  Michael Warren is a well-respected attorney who has been involved in the Black community’s legal struggles for many years;

* Many folks here have worked with Michael and Evelyn in those battles;

*  Michael and Evelyn put themselves in harms way on behalf of one of our clients;

*  The December 12th Movement has raised the money to post the bail on our client’s behalf;

*  This is a unique opportunity for LAS/ALAA to foster better relations with the community; *ALAA has long been on record against racist violence and police abuse (e.g., Louima, Diallo, Dorismond, etc.).

Please ask your delegate to support this request to endorse the Day of Outrage!






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