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May 24, 2007

2007.05.24: 45 Brooklyn CDD Members For Azalia

The undersigned ALAA members in Brooklyn CDD strongly support Azalia Torres’ presidential candidacy.

Throughout her twenty years as a Staff Attorney and ALAA activist, Azalia has proven herself a tenacious and dedicated champion of democratic, fighting unionism.

She has sought to empower union members and to hold union leadership accountable. She has fought tirelessly for affirmative action, for senior attorneys, and for all our members.

As a member of ALAA’s leadership for nearly twenty years, Azalia’s honesty and integrity is beyond question, for she has fearlessly stood up for her beliefs — even when it meant standing nearly alone on the Executive Board against the disastrous givebacks surrendered since 2002 without a fight and presented to the membership as a done deal.

She knows that the Union must lobby effectively for Legal Aid funding. But she also believes that the Union must ensure that a fair share of the Society’s budget – which now stands at more than $180 million a year – is used for decent Staff Attorney salary and benefits.

To do that, she believes that the Union leadership’s job is not to frighten the members into surrendering our hard-won gains, or to pay for new hiring out of our pockets.

Rather it is to provide us once again with full written reports and *organize* us to take creative, effective action to reverse give-backs, win better salaries and benefits, and enforce our contract.

She also believes the Union must once again stand with our clients and their communities, particularly in response to systemic police violence and racist sentencing laws.

In other words, she offers the leadership necessary to restore this union as a strong, effective and principled advocate for its members and clients.

If you agree with us, please raise your voice and speak out.

Shailly Agnihotri (Arraignments)
Ayisha Amjad (Cx 1)
Noha Arafa (Cx 5)
Marisa Benton (Cx 4)
Simone Berman-Rossi (Cx 5)
Jennifer Burkavage (Cx 3)
Cynthia Colt (Cx 3)
Femi Disu (Cx 5)
Kate Fitzer (Cx 1)
Julie Fry (Cx 4)
Christine Gau (Cx 3)
Andrea Gordon (Cx 3)
Manuela Hernandez (Cx 5)
Michael Higgins (Cx 3)
Clinton Hughes (Cx 1)
Sigmund Israel (Cx 3)
Melissa Kanas (Cx 4)
Emily Kane (Cx 1)
Steve Kliman (Cx 1)
Robyn Lear (Cx 5)
Aida Leisenring (Cx 3)
Adrian Lesher (Cx 5)
Michael Letwin (Cx 3)
Kathryn Liverani (Cx 2)
Christopher Madiou (Cx 4)
Eric Meggett (Cx 4)
Susan Morris (Cx 3)
Nicole Mull (Cx 4)
Luanne Muller (Cx 4)
David Ocasio (Cx 4)
Ivan Pantoja (Cx 5)
Michael Pate (Cx 3)
Lisa Pitts (Cx 2)
Karena Rahall (Cx 4)
Brendan Relyea (Cx 3)
Tasha Ricks (Cx 3)
Jennifer Ritter (Cx 3)
Jacob Rolls (Cx 5)
Tara Shakur (Arraignments)
Steven Sindos (Cx 3)
Kathryn Thiesenhusen (Cx 3)
Steven Terry (Cx 5)
Richard Torres (Cx 4)
Rebecca Turner (Cx 5)
Dawn Yuster (Cx 4)


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