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May 23, 2007

2007.05.23: Why I am Voting for Azalia Torres

From: [M.]
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2007 6:51 PM
Subject: Why I am Voting for Azalia Torres

I’ve known Azalia for about 17 years.  We met in 1990, when the Attorneys of Color at Legal Aid (ACLA) was started.  We went on to become  two of the initial four co-chairs of ACLA.

In the time I’ve known her she has been a fierce, vocal, and constant advocate and defender of not only our union members but of our clients and of the communities we serve.

Some of us do this job because we believe in justice or equality or the constitution.  Some of us do it because we love to fight.  Some may have other reasons, but for some, its personal.  They are the ones that not only believe in justice and equality and sometimes the constitution;  they not only love to fight – they have to fight.  They’ve had to fight all of their lives for themselves, their families, their communities.  Fighting is a part of them that they embrace and nurture.  It gives them purpose;  keeps them strong;  keeps them committed;  and they speak up and step up – not matter against whom and even if theirs is the only voice.  This is Azalia, and this I believe is one of the things that sets her apart from the other candidates.

I was intrigued by Gerard Savage’s different approach to our problems and applaud the notion that “…we should think outside the box”.  I will not vote for Gerry because though he may have lobbying experience from years gone by and be a great attorney, he has not been active in this union.  I will not vote for Gerry because he said that if not elected, he would just go back to being a trial attorney.  He would not be involved in the union.

Debbie is also a good candidate.  I was on the E-Board when she was a VP.  She was a strong advocate for her members.  I did not see the same zeal when she became recording secretary.  I did not see assertiveness but rather acquiescence.

I think Azalia is far and way the best candidate because she is and  has been committed;  because she has been involved;  because she knows this union;  because she knows management and the political players;  because she has new ideas;  because she will listen;  because she will not be afraid;  BECAUSE ITS PERSONAL.

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