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August 10, 2006

2006.08.10: Re: Antiwar Bulletin: Saturday — National Emergency March in D.C.

From: Lucy Herschel
Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2006 2:49 PM
To: Graciela M. Lopez; Frederic Pratt; Michael Letwin; Scott Rudnick; 1199 Members; ALAA MEMBERS; James A. Bernal
Subject: Re: Antiwar Bulletin: Saturday — National Emergency March in D.C.

we have World War III starting and people can’t deal with a little controversy on the e-mail?  I’m traumatized each day just looking at the pictures of blown up children and crushed babies in the NYTimes.  There’s a war going on – get used to a little unpleasantness.

If you support what Israel’s doing now, get used to being “offended” by people speaking out against it – just as those of us who don’t support it are offended by Fox News, CNN and just about all of our elected representatives every day.

And what exactly is so “offensive” about pro-Palestinian or pro-Lebanese e-mails?  If you think opposing Israel is anti-semetic, then your case doesn’t hold water, for reasons others have gone into.

If, rather, you are offended because people are speaking out against a war you support, then, I’m sorry, because we’re not going to stop.   No stretch of the imagination can call what Israel is doing a “defensive war”, just as the US war and occupation in Iraq is not defensive.  Israel first trapped people in Lebanon by bombing highways, bridges, and even buses of people trying to escape.  Now it blames civilians for not leaving as it bombs them en mass, as well as bombing trucks carrying food, taking out power plants, etc, and creating a general humanitarian disaster which will take hundreds more lives.  Maybe no more brutal than the occupation of Iraq, but that doesn’t exactly speak in it’s favor.

Beyond the moral argument, this is an issue all working people should be concerned about.  The US spends billions of dollars every year to arm Israel to the teeth for one reason and one reason only:  to help maintain US dominance over the most important oil-producing region in the world.  (It’s the same reason why the second biggest recipient of U.S. foriegn aid is Egypt, one of its other main Mid-East allies.)  As others have pointed out, that’s billions of dollars being taken out of social programs and out of our pockets.  Furthmore, rather than making us safer, it has made the world a much more dangerous place for everyone on all sides.

And that’s why people should go down to DC this weekend and join in the protests.

>>> Frederic Pratt 08/10 12:10 PM >>>
I have to disagree.  I know we’ve waded through this almost endlessly, even as recently as this morning, but you’re basically asking Michael to censor himself because his views are unpopular provoke anger –albeit not universally.  That anger, in turn, has led to the prospect of management censorship.

Unlike the debates which tend to follow Michael’s emails, Michael’s emails themselves tend to be concise and to the point, whether one agrees with them or not: they inform of an event and give a brief description of what the event is about.  When I see the words “Antiwar Bulletin,”  I know full what what the email is going to about and can delete it without reading if I chose.  The prospect of censorship has risen more from the angry responses to Michael’s emails than from the emails themselves.

>>> Michael Letwin 08/09 3:44 PM >>>

Assemble 12 Noon at the White House

Support the People of Palestine and Lebanon!
Stop the U.S.-Israeli War!
Support the Palestinian Peoples Right to Return!
From Iraq to Lebanon to Palestine: OCCUPATION IS A CRIME!

The National Council of Arab Americans (NCA) with the Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation and the ANSWER Coalition is organizing a National March on Washington August 12 in Washington DC to protest the Israeli assaults on Lebanon and Palestine.

Protest US-Israeli Assaults!
We call on our community and the movement at large to join the NCA, MAS Freedom Foundation and the ANSWER Coalition this Saturday!

In addition to the national demonstration in Washington, DC, NCA, MAS and ANSWER are organizing demonstrations across the US in New Hampshire, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle. To learn more about the National March on Washington and about regional demonstrations, please go here.

Despite all, the sun continues to rise from the South – from the camps of the Gaza Strip to the villages of South Lebanon.

More on Lebanon…
NCA National Office
National Council of Arab Americans (NCA)
phone: 530.756.5548

Buses from NYC leave 6 A.M., return same day; Advance purchase required

42nd St. and Broadway (by Times Square), East side of the street corner $30

55 W. 17th St.
$35 ($25 for fixed income/students).

Bus tickets for the following locations are available for $35 at:
(or call 212-694-8720):

125 & Lenox Ave
2/3 trains

Astoria Blvd. and 31st St.
N/W trains

Bay Ridge
Bay Ridge Ave. and 4th Ave.
Bay Ridge stop on the R train

Union Square
Union Square South (14th St.)
L,N,Q,R,W,4,5,6 trains

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