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April 13, 2004

2004.04.13: Brooklyn action on May 17

From: [JR]
Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2004 3:08 PM
Subject: Brooklyn action on May 17

Yesterday, Brooklyn CDD delegates unanimously agreed to submit the action proposal below to our clusters and vote.

We also want the Executive Board to ensure that members in each office discuss this proposal and the previously-distributed “Brooklyn Senior Attorney” resolution (which has now been adopted by Brooklyn CDD as a whole) in preparation for a special Delegate Council meeting in the near future.

I think it is essential that all members get motivated and start preparing for the crisis moments that will invevitably come our way.

It is important for the members to discuss these issues that directly involve the Union’s response to the current crisis.  Feel free to suggest changes or additional ideas.  At the Brooklyn delegates meeting we came up with many ideas but are sending these first three to the EB meeting.

Below is the proposal that Brooklyn delegates are bringing to their clusters.  In addition, there is testimony listed below that we can use to our advantage in this fight.  (Brooklyn delegates – we meet again on Monday!!)

Proposal from the Bk/CDD Delegates, April 12, 2004

In anticipation of May 15 layoff notices:

1.  ALAA/1199 will hold an emergency mass press conference/demonstration on Monday, May 17, in which members, political and community allies should participate.  This event will seek to publicly dramatize how — in the absence of the necessary additional city and state funding — cost effectiveness, quality of representation and union jobs will suffer. [See below.*]

2.  From May 17 on, ALAA members who received a pink slip will wear a designated pink pin to the office and to court; all members will wear a black armband in solidarity.


*Details available at:

Testimony: The 2004-2005 Governor’s Budget, Topic: Public Protection

Testimony: The FY05 Mayor’sFY05 Preliminary Budget

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