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March 29, 2004

2004.03.29: Re: Fwd: Proposed Emergency Resolution

From: Azalia Torres
Sent: Monday, March 29, 2004 2:32 PM
Cc: 1199 Members
Subject: Re: Fwd: Proposed Emergency Resolution

Attached you will find a proposed resolution which is being circulated in an effort to develop unity and common purpose during these difficult times at LAS.

This resolution, entitled, “No Give-Backs, No Layoffs: We Are a Fighting Union,” was developed by the Senior Attorneys of Brooklyn CDD, and distributed to those attorneys and to the delegates in Brooklyn on March 23, 2004.

It was also forwarded to Executive Board members for discussion, and submitted for discussion at the Junior Attorneys’ meeting.

This proposal is consistent with the Civil & CLO “practice meetings” memo of 3/26.

In anticipation of many upcoming meetings throughout the various boroughs and divisions, as well as committees established by the Executive Board, it is being distributed to the membership at large to generate discussion and foster unity.

The Senior Attorneys understand more than anyone the need to promote unity and to have a solid working position as we fight for our jobs and our benefits.

In our efforts to create even more unity as we battle the administration and to save our jobs as well as our quality of life issues, we present this Emergency Resolution and ask that it be widely discussed. We see this as another contribution to the strength of ALAA as a membership body, and urge the membership to adopt it at all levels.

We urge the delegates council to adopt this resolution after discussion with your various members.

Senior Attorneys, please note: it is my intention to call a city-wide meeting of the Senior Attorneys for a date next week (the week of 3/29/04) as soon as I return to the office.

No Give-Backs, No Layoffs: We Are a Fighting Union
Emergency Resolution on the Legal Aid Fiscal Crisis
Submitted by the Senior Attorneys of Brooklyn CDD

Through the fog of Legal Aid’s fiscal crisis at least one thing is absolutely certain: If Union members and leadership seem resigned to bearing the cost, management and government will not find the funds necessary to maintain staffing and compensation. And while the results are not guaranteed, ALAA’s history shows that our best defense against both layoffs and give-backs is a highly-informed, active membership united on a determined response.
To reclaim our tradition a fighting, democratic union, we call on the Delegate Council, “the highest authority in the union after the membership” (Bylaws, Art. V), to clearly, publicly and immediately reaffirm the positions adopted by ALAA in response to funding crises in 2000 and 2002:
(1) ALAA’s Position: No layoffs, involuntary inter-division transfers, or contractual give-backs for staff attorneys or 1199 support staff. The Society’s fiscal crisis must be addressed through such measures as:
•Increased government and private funding.
•Reduction in management size and compensation; and increased workload and/or reassignment for remaining managers.
•Voluntary staff attorney buyouts, inter-divisional staff attorney transfers, and unpaid staff attorney leaves.
(2) Implementation: ALAA’s leadership is directed to:
•Convey the above position to management and outside funding sources.
•Provide the membership with frequent, factual *written* reports, including the specific dollar amounts (by division) of: (A) Legal Aid’s cumulative deficit; and (B) City and state budget cuts.
•Closely coordinate with our sister union, 1199SEIU.

Dated: March 24, 2004


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