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September 19, 2002

2002.09.19: Minutes of ALAA Delegate Council – September 19, 2002

2002.09.19 – Minutes of ALAA Delegate Council — OCR

Minutes of ALAA Delegate Council-September 19, 2002


Citywide Officers: Letwin (President), Albro (SecyTreasurer),

Hitchcock (Recording Secretary)

CAB: Harpaz (VP), Elgarten

CDD-BxA: Rogers

CDD-BxB: Peppito

CDD-BxC: Bomba

CDD-Brooklyn: Zuss (VP), Torres (Alt. VP and Sr.

Atty rep.)

CDD-Bkl: Bell, Newton

CDD-Bk3: Flanders

CDD-Bk4: ·Pellegrino

CDD-Bk5: Lesher, Terry

CDD-Manhattan: Mulligan (Alt. VP)

CDD-Ml: Arons, Sundram

CDD-M2: Siletti, Mitchell

CDD-M3: Collins, Vasquez

CDD-M4: Fiellman, O’Connell

CDD-M5: Seeley, Soto, Nagel (Alt.)

CDD-M6: A:ffler, Botticelli

CDD-Spec Lit.: Wasserman

CDD-Ql Morrison

CDD-Q3: Knightly

CDD-Q4: Austin, Diflumeri

Civil: Holder

Civil-Aging: Durham

Civil-Bx: Frieder

CLO/Volunteer: Lundgren (V.P.), Madhavan,


JRD: Hochberg (V.P.)

JRD-M: Lamb, Pappadopoulos

PRP: Zelermyer, Werlwas (observer)

Previous Minutes

,.. The DC unanimously adopted the

following motion by Wasserman (CDD-S. Lit.

and Hochberg (JRD): Adopt the Delegate

Council minutes of .July 23, 2002 [previously


City Criminal Contract

Letwin reported that, pending execution of

the new city, LAS continues to receive criminal

funding under its previous contract. The

Union’s litigation has not yet been formally


CAB Staffin~

Harpaz and Albro reported that voluntary

reductions in CAB staffing and office location

have generated $2m annual funding for CDD.

CDD Staffin~

Letwin reported on discussions amongst

city-wide officers, CDD union officers and CDD

management about how to spend $8.6m in

additional city criminal funding.

Based on reported feedback from CDD

offices, the Union representatives have sought to

balance needs for additional staffing (particularly

in Manhattan) with preservation of at least $2m

for staff attorney compensation increases above

and beyond 3%.

(The amount of criminal funding designated

to compensation drives the level funded for that

purpose in all divisions).

Toward that end, the Union representatives

have advocated: ( 1) Limits on new staff attorney

hiring; (2) Few, if any, new supervisors. CDD

management has supported more aggressive

hiring, of both staff attorneys and supervisors.

Albro reported that Oxford is seeking a 19%

premium increase for staff attorney health

benefits in 2003.

The DC addressed the inherent trade-offs of

these competing legitimate priorities as follows:

,.. By 10-19-9, the DC defeated the following

EB proposal: Approve the position presented

by the EB to management that CDD staff

attorney hiring should not exceed 66 (except

for 3 additional current diversity candidates)

until and unless warranted by future


,.. By of 15-6-6, the DC adopted a motion by

Affier (CDD-Manhattan) to table the following

motion by Torres and Zuss (CDD-Bk): Limit

new CDD staff attorney hiring to 85.

,.. The DC unanimously adopted the

following motion by Seeley and Siletti

Minutes of ALAA Delegate Council-September 19, 2002 Page 2

(CDD-Manhattan): Oppose all new permanent

arraignment attorney positions.

“‘”The DC unanimously adopted the

following Executive Board motion: Achieve

additional CDD supervision by redeployment

of existing supervisors, not by !tiring new


Collective Bargaining

Letwin and Albro reported that, in order to

prepare for contract bargaining, a contractuallymandated

joint Union-Management analysis is

underway concerning “the four-boro average of

total compensation received by non-managerial

AD As at yearly levels of service.”

The EB has unanimously authorized

distribution to members of: (1) Summary of

changes made in past two rounds of contract

i1egotiations; and (2) written contract surveys.


Bylaw Amendments

~~>By 18-0-1, the DC adopted the following

motion: Adopt Bylaw amendments

unanimously formulated by the Bylaw

Revision Committee.

“‘”The DC unanimously adopted the

following motion by Harpaz (CAB): Table

further discussion concerning specific

assignment of EB representation concerning

health and safety and health benefits.

2002 Union Elections

“‘”The DC unanimously adopted the

following, modified, EB motion: Hold 2002

ALAA elections as follows: Sept


23-Beginning of 30-day nomination period;

Oct. 22-Membership meeting to close 30-day

nomination period; Nov. 6 -Election notice;

Nov. 21-0ffice balloting; Dec.

17 -Post-election membership meeting to ratifY

Election Committee report and install officers.

“‘”The DC unanimously elected the

following Election Committee: Marianne

Allegro (JRD-Manhattan)(alt: Mark Leider),

Jessica Botticelli (CDD-Manhattan), Adriene

Holder (Civil), Arthur Hopkirk (CAB), Steve

Wasserman (CDD-8pec. Lit.).

Terminated Attorneys’ Union


“‘”The DC unanimously adopted the

following motion suggested by Albro and moved

by Bomba (CDD-Bx): Pending ultimate

resolution of grievances of their termination,

continue Union membership of Alexander

Hillery and Kenneth Schaeffer

(Harlem -Civil).

Change in Union VP Constituency

“‘”The DC unanimously adopted the

following motions: Consistent with their

relocation to 111 Livingston St., assign Parole

Revocation Defense Unit (PRDU) and

CDD-8pec. Lit. to CDD-Bk vice-president’s



The DC adjourned at approximately 8:55


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