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July 22, 2002

2002.07.22: ALAA Delegate Council Bulletin #84

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2002.07.22 – ALAA Delegate Council Bulletin #84 — OCR

ALAA Delegate Council Bulletin #84

Monday, July 22, 2002

Proposed Agenda

1. LAS Criminal Contract.

1.1. City offer.

1.2. Lawsuit settlement.

1.3. CAB/CDD staffing.

2. Speech and Privacy.

2.1. LAS e-mail policy. EB proposal to consider further ALAA response at

September DC meeting.

2.2. Eric Meggett (CDD-Bk) grievance.

3. Bylaw Revision (see attached). First notice of proposed bylaw revision.


ALAA Bylaws Revision CommitteeProposed

Bylaws Amendments1

July 22, 2002

Article TI: Constitution

•ADD: New Sentence: “These bylaws shall

be subordinate to said Constitution.” –

Article IV: Membership

Sec. 1: Authority

.,ADD: (fourth line, after “Officers”) “and

at-large EB members”

Sec. 2: Eligibility

•ADD: “and to those terminated employees

whom the membership or the DC votes to retain

as members.”

Sec. 3: Good Standing .

. •ADD: (first sentence,.after”paid,all dues”)

“or dues check-off is authorized.”

Article VI: Executive Board

Sec. 2: Composition

•ADD: (as new Executive Officers): 3

Union Trustees, Sergeant-at-Arms, Guide

– •DELETE: (as at-large members): Health

Benefits rep., Health and Safety rep.

Sec.. 3: Election

• REPLACE with: “All Executive Officers

and at-large EB members will be elected by the

entire membership~ the Vice-Presidents will be

elected by their respective constituencies.”

Sec. 6: Reporting (New)

•ADD: “All decisions of the EB shall be

reported to the membership.and the DC.”

•ADD: (fourth sentence, after “established Article Vll: Executive Officers

–~-~:-~~~~~~;:i::~:-~.~~-~~–~?~~-t~~-!~-~~:-”–···- ····–···-·······–~~m~.PK~l-~~Wmon-·-rrust”~e~. ··s-~-~:·-··6·:

•ADD: (to subsection (1) after “bargaining Sergeant-at-Arms, Sec. 7: Guide

unit”) “unless the membership or DC votes to

retain the terminated employee as a member.”

Sec. 6.2: Quorum

•ADD: (first sentence, after .”A quorum at

any”) “citywide or local.”

•DELETE: (second and third sentences) “as

of the October 1″ and “rounded down to the

nearest multiple often (10).”

Article V: Dele~mtes Council

Sec. 1: Authority .

•DELETE: (after”itwill elect”) “the at-large

(non-Officer) members of the EB” and “and

three union Trustees from among the Vice


Article VIII: Elections

Sec. 1: Eligibility

•DELETE: (second line, after’~nominatiori”)

“or a current . Officer.”

Sec. 2: Terms

•DELETE: (second line) “and Trustees.”

•DELETE: (fifth line) “general”

•DELETE: (seventh line) “and Trustees.”

•DELETE: Last Sentence.:

Sec. 3: Vacancies

•REPLACE: entire section with: “All

Officer and other EB vacancies shall be filled

promptly by a special election. Pending the

special election: 1. A presidential vacancy shall

be filled by one of the vice-presidents elected by

the DC; 2. A vice presidential vacancy shall be

filled by the first Alternate vice-president; 3. All

1Unless otherwise indicated, these changes are required under the UAW Constitution or

federal labor law.

other officer or EB vacancy shall be filled by the


Sec. 4: Elections

•Retitle Sec.: “Procedure.”

Sub. Sec. 4.2: Nominations

•REPLACE: (line 1) “For general elections,

written or e-mailed officer or BB nominations

will be accepted bythe elections committee …

•ADD: (at end- of line 3) “by the election


Sub. Sec. 4.3: Time and Notice of Voting

.. ADD: (line l;before “elections”) “Ali”

• ADD: (line 2, after “and”) “for general


Sub. Sec. 4.6: Uncontested Elections

• REPLACE with: “Pursuant to Co nsf. Art.

38, Sec. 17, unopposed candidates shall be

considered elected,”

Sub. Sec. 4.8: Report of Election. Comm. ·

· and Installation of Officers and EB Members

……………………………………………. ~~—–…………………………………..: … ……….. _… …… _…. _____ ………….. ‘——-“———–·–··—–…….: .. … ~ … .

.. ADD: “Within 30 days of a general

election, there shall be a membership meeting at

which the elections committee shall give its

report on the election .results and the elected·

officers and EB members shall be installed. Any

timely protest to the election could be discussed

at this meeting, but shall only be voted on by the

membership at a subsequent meeting or other

form of vote, held within 30 days thereafter.”

Article IX: Removal of Union


•DELETE: Entire Article (Redundant and/or

in conflict with Canst. Provisions: Art. 31 and

Art. 45, Sec. 3).

Article X: Dues and Fees

Sec. 1: Initiation Fee

•DELETE: Sentence 2. (Only pay once).

Sec. 2: Reinstatement Fee

•REPLACE WITH: “Any member who has

lost “good standing status” for whatever reason

and applies to be reinstated to same shall pay a

$50 reinstatement fee, in addition to any dues·or

fees owed the union.”. .

Article XI: Strikes._________ ….. ______________ _

•DELETE (line 4, after “specified therein”)

“and to a fine not to exceed one (1) day’s gross

pay for each day worked.”

.•DELETE “and to a fine not to exceed one

( 1) day’s gross pay for each day worked.” ·


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