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March 19, 2002

2001.03.19: ALAA Delegate Council Bulletin #81 (PDF)

2002.03.19 – ALAA Delegate Council Bulletin — OCR 2002.03.19 – ALAA Delegate Council Bulletin — OCR

ALAA Delegate Council Bulletin #81

Tuesday, March 19,2002-6:30 p.m. sharp

•Location: 568 Broadway, Rm. 702A (N/R to Prince, B/D/F/Q to Broadway-Lafayette, 6 to Spring).

•Estimated length: Approximately 1 hour.

•All ALAA members welcome (only elected representatives may vote).

•Free pizza/soda.



Proposed Agenda

1. Collective Bargaining, etc. (25 minutes).

2.1. Shared services grievance (attached). EB recommendation for support of 1199


2.2. Comp time. Policy remains suspended; no further developments.

2. 3. 90 Church update.

2.4. Supplementallife.

2.5. LAS/Brooklyn DAs.

2. LAS Budget (10 minutes).

2.1 Campaign status.

2.2 Additional office meetings.

3. Political Action (5 minutes).

3 .1. March 23: Immigrant Detainees (attached).

3.2. March 26: Drop the Rock

4. Internal (10 minutes).

4.1. UAW convention delegates. Election of ALAA’s delegates (nominations closed as of

March 12). Nominees (uncontested):

•Delegates (2 positions). George Albro (Secy-Treas.), Charlotte Hitchcock (Rec.


•Alten1ates (2 positions). Susan Morris (CDD-Bk).

4.2. Bylaw Revision Commission. Consideration of any new nominations for reps from

CDD-Bx, CDD-Q, Civil, JRD, Volunteer.

4.3. Next delegate elections. Discussion of process.

ALAA Delegate Council Bulletin 81 March 19, 2002 DC Meeting Page 2 ~[7

1199 Shared Services Grievance

WE, the undersigned, are very concerned to hear that Shared Services, as it existed at 90 Church Street, may

be disbanded and its staff split up amongst the various divisions they serve. We fail to see how such an arrangement

could be more efficient than the consolidated services we have had for the last several years.

We recognize that, due to the World Trade Center disaster, the Shared Services workload has increased

astronomically due to the need to deliver mail and court documents to our borough offices. The Shared Services staff

has done a remarkable job dealing with this workload with no increase in their staff. Furthermore, we feel they have

fulfilled this task under less than adequate conditions, such as being placed in small rooms with no space to work

comfortably and the lack of equipment necessary to expedite the workload of our attorneys and support staff.

We believe the solution to this problem is not to create more work by splitting up Shared Services and

rendering them less efficient. Therefore, we strongly feel that Shared Services should be afforded adequate space

and equipment in one of the new buildings in which LAS Management plans to consolidate much of the former 90

Church St. staff. Only this way can Shared Services go back to providing the full range of indispensable services they

provided to our society before.

ALAA Delegate Council Bulletin 81 March 19, 2002 DC Meeting Page 3 of7

NYC Labor Solidarity

With Immigrant Detainees

Join trade unionists, immigrant, civil rights, peace, and social justice organizations to oppose the mass detention of

foreign nationals since Sept. 11. Most of the detainees are from the Mid· East and South Asia. The government has

refused to release most of the detainees’ names. Because of this secrecy, some detainees may not have access to

legal counsel. Some have suffered inhumane conditions of confinement. Virtually none have been charged with

terrorist acts. Some of these detainees are being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center, a federal prison in Sunset

Park, Brooklyn.

Saturday, March 23, 2002

Assemble: 10:30 a.m., 9 St./5 Ave., Bklyn. (N/R to 4 Ave.; F to 9 St.)

March: 11 a.m.-Sharp

Rally: 12 Noon-Sharp, Metro Detention Ctr., 29 St./3d Ave., Bklyn. (N/R to 25 St./4 Ave.)


•Freedom Legal Defense & Ed. Project

•Arab-American Family Support Ctr.

•Justice For Detainees Coal.

Labor Sponsors (list in formation)


•AFSCME L.2627, DC 37

•Assn. of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW L.2325

•CWA L.1180

•Natl. Org. of Legal Services Workers/UAW L.2320

•Natl. Writers Union/UAW L.1981

•NY Taxi Workers Alliance

•NYC Labor Against the War (NY CLAW)

•Professional Staff Congress-CUNY/AFT L.2334

•SEIU NY State Council

•UAW Region 9A NYC Area CAP Council

•Amalg. Services & Allied Joint Bd., UNITE

•United Elec., Radio & Machine Workers of America (UE)

•Larry Adams, Pres., MHU L.300*

•Christine Karatnytsky, Exec. Bd., NY Public Library

Guild/AFSCME L.1930*

•Robert Lesko, V.P., AFT L.3882*

•John O’Connor, Secy.-Treas., AFM L.1 000*

•J.P. Patafio, Depot Chair, TWU L.1 00*

•Sheridan-Gonzalez, RN, Chair, Delegate Assembly, NYS

Nurses Assoc.*

•Joel Schwartz, Pres., CSEA/AFSCME L.446*

•Gangbox: Construction Workers News Serv. •Global Sweatshop CoaL •Greater NY

Labor-Religion Coai.•Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz, Dir., Queens College Worker Ed.

Extension Ctr. (FIPO); PSG-CUNY/AFT L.2334 & NWU/UAW L.1981*•1ndustrial

Workers of the World (NYC)•Labor at the Crossroads TV•Natl. Employment Law

Project•Natl. Lawyers Guild/NYC Chap., Labor & EmploymentCttee. •New Caucus


Cosponsors (list in formation)

•American Assn. of Jurists•American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Cttee.•American

Friends Serv. Cttee. •Another World is Possible (AWIP)•Asian American Legal Defense

& Ed. Fund•Asian Americans for Equality•Biack Radical Congress•Brooklyn

Bridges•Brooklyn Heights Peace Action•Brooklyn Parents for Peace•Brooklyn Society

for Ethical Culture, Ethical Action Cttee. •Chhaya CDC•Dennis Brutus, S. African poet

& activist•Ctr. for Anti-Violence Ed. •Ctr. for Constitutional Rights (CCR)•Central

Brooklyn Independent Democrats•CoaL for the Human Rights of lmmigrants•Council

on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)•CUNY Is Our Future•Desis Rising Up & Moving

(DRUM)•Faith Health NY •Fiatbush PeaceAction•Green Party: Kings Co. & Park Slope

chapters•Help & Hope•Jews for Racial & Econ. Justice (JFREJ)•IntL Action Ctr.

(IAC)•Intl. A.N.S.W.E.R.•IntL Socialist Org (ISO)•Make the Road by

Walking•Metropolitan Council on Housing•NatL Korean American Serv. & Ed.

Consortium (NAKASEC)•NatL Lawyers Guild•NatL Lawyers Guild-NYC Chap.•NJ

lndependentAIIiance•NY CoaL for Peace & Justice•NY Immigration CoaL•NYC AIDS

Housing Network•Northwest Bronx Support Cttee. For the Homeless•Lesbian Herstory

Archives•Nicaragua Solidarity Network•Pakistan League of America•Prison Moratorium

Proj. •Prospect Lefferts Voices for Peace & Justice•Student Cttee. Against Labor

Exploitation•Theater of the Oppressed Laboratory•VEER Grassroots

Services-Clarence Fitch Chap. of Vietnam Veterans Againstthe War (VVAW) •War Is

Not the Answer•War Resisters League•Women for Afghan Women•Women’s Inti.

League For Peace & Freedom, NY Metro Branch•Workers Democracy

Network•Working Families Party, Brooklyn Waterfront Club•World Peace 911•Rev.

Paul Smith, First Presbyterian Church•Rev. Elizabeth Alexander, Church of

Gethsemane•Rev. Elizabeth Braddon, Park Slope United MethodistChurch•Rev. Peter

Laarman, Sr. Minister, Judson Memorial Church, Greenwich Village•City

Councilmember Margarita Lopez

“Position shown for ID only; no organizational endorsement implied.

Info: 212.343.0708,

Union labor donated (March 18, 2002(1))

ALAA Delegate Council Bulletin 81 March 19, 2002 DC Meeting Page 4 ({[7

Minutes of ALAA Delegate Council: January 24, 2002

Legend: Black=Present; Gray=Absent; Lowercase=Alternate


Danny Engelstein

Executive Board

President: LETWIN

Secretary-Treasurer: ALBRO

Recording Secretary: HITCHCOCK

VP-CAB/CAP/Fed: BLUM, P. (Acting), /d: Ä’:,?::·;,~n:::


VP-CDD/BI>:: ZUSS, Al: :LL ”’h:..:::rnn·.t::·

VP-CDD/M: WRIGHT, Al: Mulligan

VP-CDD/Qns: P:(){·’-::i-”fH: .. ”’ A.J ::

VP-Civil: HOLDER:: o::,J: -,.-,:;:::.&J~;:

VP-JRD: HOCHBERG, .A 1:· Ä-‘,::(,;::;,;~

VP-Vol. (CLO):

ACLA: ”’:COn:L:C’:;,(:

Aff. Action: 1:::;/::,IfN-‘:,

Health & Safety: ”’ i:(J}}:i:/Yf/J:R

Health: :::,;.·r’VffT’J}

Junior: ~-HUGHES

Lesbian & Gay: · ·:Et:\J:ff::

Senior: *TORRES

*Nonvoting in this capacity

Criminal Appeals Bureau (CAB)

iC{>t:i ?. :·:.:,, ;u r.txn:: i’f’:::l . F/?-. ;g i:..:,,-r”d::: ., ,c;:.n: ..- :,,-·vru::… HARPA Z,

HOPKIRK, A~.:L: A2: Blum, P. * .

Capital Defender Division

Criminal Defense Division (CDD)-Bronx

BxA: ROGERS, i’i:J.:: /:,.·::;; ;::… A.::~::


Criminal Defense Division (CDD)-Brooklyn

BKl: BAKER, BELL, Al: Newton, /:J: })i;::::\i:::,::::

BK2: __ ,·;,,}”:i(;;.J?.t::~;,-:;,_r,,;r_r, ASHWORTH, /:J: };:;;::·nt.~:::::::., .. A.-:5.::: l”i;H;::.,


Criminal Defense Division (CDD)-Manhattan

Ml: DALEY, NEVINS, AJ: /!:.r::d::_::rs<;r:,


M3 : :C.-:.i – ,;··: ._ .:.;.:.:.i.J..:.<... ,. VASQUEZ Al : C 0 11I· DS

M4: rV:i.A:.!::::_:():;·:.:: .. MULLIGAN. /:, t:




Criminal Defense Division (CDD)-Queens

Ql: ‘Vii{)i::t A:::·::t:::o;::.n<

Q3: ‘Fl{fliiEJRJf:( lf(‘\iJ(;;.rrrL.’1:’,.<“:, ::.: IL:::i::~.•::· .. /t2:

Civil Division

Aging: ·,;,;_.:::.{:·A:.l”:rr ..A .. ::·: ::>::cn:·t::::,;:-:,:;

Appeals/HRP: KELLEHER, /i:J: {;i:::Idi!;:~::K:r .. A: .. 2:: _f:.;::·::i!: … A:t:

Bronx: i::’l'{fL .. L’!F:._R .. , .A l:: {;:-<;·<:-UBrooklynNeighborhood

Office (BNO): (‘:to·:’::;:::;-;•:,; r::Enr; ..

Far Rockaway: :::a-J :() !i·n:.t.L .. /::. :1 ·:

Harlem: i\.J :

Immigration: l”t{>··:,,T;:•. [‘;::!,\’\·”fiR … -“: .. :i ·: f’::i.::>.”-”·<Yn::

Lower Manhattan Neiborhood Office (LMNO): lf::-i.J:UIVf”‘-i

Queens: ·r·t.::::::f:}J:.S., i’->J •

Staten Island: E:\.L.’\/A:.’l’OltE … Ali: /::.2: TVt:i … :::::n:

Federal Defender Division

Appeals & SDNY: ::::~’fA.J’FP’:l{;;En:

EDNY: r·,:::,_:Gi:>It:-‘<: .. ;:-;<:·1<:-!:,,r·(:ft

Juvenile Rights Division (JRD)

Appeals/Spec Lit: Ad:: }1-:_,.,,:K::::::::’h:d

Bronx: ::;,;:_:;:):f·:,.’if_·~>f’::i. /;,_::: r:’·’V:/::.t.:::<::r::

BROOKLYN: (;;.:;:n::Ti:i’::!fit.’\

Staten Island: I. t.f

Parole Revocation (PRDU)

A3: Morris

BK4: ,C’/:,Sfri\1.:\:i\., /:,1: t:..Br:< .. ;:.,A.): Prisoners Rights Project


Volunteer Division/(Community Law Office)

ii!J·’·:::.;.TLf:’:>: .. LUNDGREN, Al: Carlesimo, ;,/:.·:t: L:Ji:::i·:xr::i::::

ALAA Delegate Council Bulletin 81 March 19, 2002 DC Meeting Page 5 of7




1. Legal Action. Table further legal action on

CDD comp day change until Management makes

concrete response to ALAA grievance and related

negotiations, at which point a special DC will be

promptly convened (Bomba)–Passed (hand vote): 16-

15. [NB: The Executive Board will meet next week

with legal counsel concerning implementation of the


2. Membership Action. Accompany ALAA

grievance on CDD comp time by encouraging members

to file individual grievances that detail personal impact,

to file reguests to use comp days, and to otherwise put

pressure on Management (Letwin!Baker )–Passed (voice

vote): Unanimous.

3. Next DC. Hold the next DC meeting on the

irrevocable date ofF ebruary 21, except that an earlier

DC meeting is held (Gross/Baker)–Passed (voice vote).

4. Negotiation. Include as many CDD VPs as

possible, but at least one, in any negotiations with

Management on change in CDD comp time (Gross)-Passed

(voice vote): Unanimous.

Not adopted:

1. De Leon Presentation. Dispense with Theresa

DeLeon’s scheduled report to the Delegate Council, and

proceed immediately to discussion of ALAA’ s response

to change in CDD comp day policy (Wright)–Failed:

14-18-2 (hand vote, with results confirmed by roll-call

vote (Aftler))[For: Wright, Rogers, Baker, Bell, Daley,

Nevins, Gross, Mitchell, Vasquez, Collins, Mulligan,

Seeley, Aftler, Zablocki. Against: Albro, Hitchcock,

Blum, Zuss, Holder, Hochberg, Harpaz, Hopkirk,

Martin, Zelermyer, Gurwitch, Ashworth, Morris, Pratt,

Soto, Kelleher, Lundgren, Carlisimo ). Abstain: Bomba,

Wasserman, S.]

2. Arbitration. Conduct arbitration of change in

CDD comp time, if necessary by attorney other than

ALAA counsel (Aftler/Velasquez)–Tabled (see above).



1. Reports. ALAA HQ to disseminate bi-weekly

written ALAA health and safety updates

(Kelleher/Gross)–Passed (voice vote).

2. Outreach. ALAA HQ to consult with other

unions and with NY COSH concerning appropriate steps

concerning air guality in Lower Manhattan (Kelleher)-Passed

(voice vote): Unanimous.

3. Testing. Pursue ongoing tests of material

transferred from 90 Church St. to other LAS offices

(Newton!Holder)–Passed (voice vote): Unanimous.

NB: The balance of the agenda was tabled.

ALAA Delegate Council Bulletin 81 March 19, 2002 DC Meeting Page 6 ~f7

Minutes of ALAA Delegate Council: February 21,2002

Legend: Black=Present; Gray=Absent; Lowercase=Alternate


Danny Engelstein

Executive Board

President: LETWIN

Secretary-Treasurer: ALBRO

Recording Secretary: HITCHCOCK

VP-CAB/CAP/Fed: BLUM, P. (Acting), /’:.!: ·v:.:::::r::H

VP-CDD/Bx: GELTMAN ,’\ :i · ·v:,:::::::::::·:::

VP-CDD/Bk: ZUSS, Al: *Torres,./: .. :-:. :·:·:·;(_c·rt:d.:.~.,~:c

VP-CDD/M: \>V’P.l:!}f·fi” /:.·::

VP-CDD/Qns: P:C.>Pf’T:’:H ,._,.i\.1.

VP-Civil: · A :: : ··./::::::.:::n:·

VP-JRD: HOCHBERG, hi \/.:::,;·:::rd

VP-Vol. (CLO): \/h Ci”:. i”Tf’ ,-:._!: r::-::::;,::; .. ):I·Y” .. \:.!’ ·


Aff. Action: !’:,1 i\? k ,:\

Health & Safety: ‘i’KO·Pt:·ct·zr::I’

Health: ·’ :::: :0./lff}{

Junior: ‘”ITU::::;I:!’.F:S

Lesbian & Gay: ·”1-::J, Hr:

Senior: *TORRES

*Nonvoting in this capacity

Criminal Appeals Bureau (CAB)

C:()L.!:J-<. J)ELJiJ.~fÄ-I F/\f::JAJ·.:·U U.Z:’\ HARPAZ,

IIf.::::::<I:::::J< LITTLE. ·\!·Taglieri, A2: *Blum, P., .·\_.: ·

Capital Defender Division

M6: AFFLER, ZABLOCKI, Al: Botticelli, .c\2: FL.:;:;,,

Spec Lit: W ;:,, :::;:;:: :-:·:.J(:\t:-\1’·::

Q4: :::,I::·i:::rrf’..:. DIFLUMERI, ·\!: /\:?::

Civil Division

Aging: \’ ,\ i’: \iT’ /:_ :! : .D·nr!~_:;:,n:<

Appeals!HRP: ,:\, l: U::-:hH:H_’r /:.::’.: i:\::d.:. :-::, .,

Bronx: :;.:·n n:·’:i)f:’:T:: .·\ .:. · c::;-::ct:c

Brooklyn Neighborhood Office (BNO):

Far Rockaway: iU .. :·:J:::<:·:::::k:· /: . .?: 1-J::::dxl:·:.;;

Immigration: FLOYD-MAYER_ /\ i : l:·i:::\·.r:rn:::

Lower Manhattan Neiborhood Office (LMNO): n.:)r:u::·i”-1

Queens: /\.: · .\::’ .. :;:,.::n: .. A?_ ‘i·”r~:::.d.h:;·::::·,

Staten Island: .S,\L’·/..:\·1·::::::;::;,:.: ./::.!: /:.:’:. McCann

Federal Defender Division

Appeals & SDNY: ::::.·r;\·1-SJNf:iT:::r

EDNY: P:\ -‘·\;.\>:’:::r::::U

””‘ .\.L n.o.m::H: Juvenile Rights Division (JRD)

BxD: r:C)LLFfT.




BK5: \’/.!\.SSL

Appeals/Spec Lit: :\ l.: H:<:·::.::-:n.:!.ui

H.nd::u. _ /:,_.”: I·i:::·L:.r::·. /\.:: Bronx: J:;()\•i,’\

BROOKLYN: !<.t:.?.:-:. ·:, \ :< … .i\ ; : i”–i-::;i.:;,_:;:


Staten Island: f 1:-:r.

Parole Revocation (PRDU)

i\ :::: Flanders A3 : I. ()F’F ?


Prisoners Rights Project


Volunteer Division/(Community Law Office)

J:: .. F”:-:Tr !>-!.. LUNDGREN, Al: Carlesimo, ” ./:.:.:: :.-J··,.;’.:Jrd::-:

ALAA Delegate Council Bulletin 81 March 19, 2002 DC Meeting Page 7 of7



1. Expedited Negotiation/ Arbitration. Ratify the

expedited negotiation/arbitration comp day proposal

previously presented by the Executive Board to

management (see February 12 ALAA Union Bulletin),

i.e., to: (1) Clearly define the new policy; (2) Schedule

expedited, “last-best-offer” arbitration to be held within

a brief time-frame (e.g., 4-6 weeks) to resolve the

limited issue of the new policy; (3) Pending arbitration,

seek a negotiated resolution of the dispute; ( 4) Pending

a negotiated or arbitrated resolution, suspend the new

policy’s implementation; (5) Incorporate the results of

negotiation or arbitration into the contract effective

October 1, 2002 (Affler/Blum, P.)–Passed: 15-0-4

(hand vote).



1. Table. Move Hitchcock’s 90 Church St. report

to the end of agenda (Zablocki/Torres)–Passed (hand

vote); table to next written Hitchcock report–Passed

(voice vote).



1. UAW Convention Delegates. Adopt Albro’s

proposal to select ALAA’ s delegates to the International

UA W tri-annual convention in June [details

forthcoming] (Blum, P ./Hochberg)–Passed:

Unanimously (voice vote).

2. Meeting Schedule. Adopt Executive Board’s

proposed 2002 meeting schedule for the Delegate

Council and Executive Board [previously

distributed](Hochberg/Daley)–Passed: Unanimously

(voice vote).

3. Bylaw Revision Commission. Elect by

acclamation the following unopposed nominees to the

new Bylaw revision commission: Susan Morris

(CDD-Bk), JessicaBotticelli (CDD-Manh.), Peter Blum

(CAB/Capital/FDD )–Passed: Unanimously (voice vote).

4. ACLA Representative. Elect Monica Dula

(CDD-Bx) to fill vacant ACLA (Attorneys of Color of

Legal Aid) position on the Executive Board–Passed:

Unanimously (voice vote).




1. Main Motion. Adopt Executive Board’s

proposed statement in defense of civil liberties

[previously distributed](Blum, P./Hochberg)–Passed:

19-1-1 (hand vote).

Not Adopted:

1. Table. Table proposed civil liberties statement

(Zablocki/Botticelli)–Failed (overwhelming hand vote).

2. Unfriendly Amendment. Do not release ALAA

civil liberties statement in conjunction with any

statement by NYC Labor Against the War

(Daley)–Failed: 4-16-1 (hand vote).

3. Unfriendly Amendment. Disseminate civil

liberties statement via special Union committee, and

direct ALAA HQ instead to address issues of greater

concern to the Union, e.g., CDD comp time

(Zablocki)–Failed: 3-18-1 (hand vote).


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