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December 16, 2001

2011.12.16: Detention of U.S. citizens w/o charge or trial

From:  Terry, Stephen
Sent: Friday, December 16, 2011 2:31 PM
Subject: Detention of U.S. citizens w/o charge or trial

Obama is apparently about to sign the National Defense Authorization Act which allows the military to arrest and detain indefinitely without charge or trial U.S. citizens and foreigners it deems to have committed “belligerant” acts on U.S. soil – – belligerant acts being broadly and vaguely defined as any act the military deems in violation of U.S. interests.  This act violates the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th amendments, as well as the posse comitatus act which prevents the U.S. military from being used against the domestic population.  There were no public hearings; both houses of congress were overwhelmingly in support; there has been almost no mainstream media mention of the act, leave aside it’s horrific effect on constitutional guarantees of due process, habeas, etc.

So, the occupiers who recently shut down ports on the west coast could most concertainly be rounded up under this act; occupiers in the various cities throughout the country protesting banks, corporations, congress; anyone who gives what the military decides is assistance to whomever the military decides is a terrorist orgnization.

This is frightening, frightening stuff.  I believe our union should join the likes of the Center for Constitutional Rights and the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and others in drawing attention to this act and its consequences.  I also think we should ask 1199 to join us in this effort.  I welcome suggestions – – possibly meetings in the different boroughs next week.

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