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November 14, 2001

2001.11.14: Memorandum of Agreement ALAA Collective Bargaining Agreement 2000-2002

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[Original format: MOA 00-02 Final]

Memorandum of Agreement
ALAA Collective Bargaining Agreement

It is hereby agreed by and between the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW 2325 (AFL-CIO) and The Legal Aid Society that the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that expired on September 30, 2000 is hereby renewed and extended, as modified herein.

1. Length.  The term of the CBA will be October 1, 2000 through September 30, 2002, inclusive.

2. Compensation.

2.1.  Basic Salary Schedule.  The Salary Schedule will be set as provided for in Appendix 1 of this MOA.

2.2.  Supplemental Salary Increases.  Both ALAA and the LAS recognize and support a goal that staff attorneys receive total compensation which is comparable to that received by ADAs in Bronx, Brooklyn, New York and Queens Counties and that, due to the lack of sufficient funding, the economic terms contained herein narrows, but does not close, the comparability gap between the two groups. It is also recognized that LAS may receive funding increase(s) during the term of this contract which would allow it to narrow or close this gap.  To that end, the parties agree that should the LAS receive, during the term of this contract, a funding increase sufficient to further narrow or close the comparability gap, the parties will, immediately upon learning of such increase, undertake to ascertain the four-boro average of total compensation received by non-managerial ADAs at yearly levels of service.  After ascertaining such ADA compensation, the LAS agrees to pay staff attorneys as close to comparable total compensation as such additional funding allows.

2.3.  TransitCheks.  Effective July 1, 2001, TransitCheks in the amount of $180 per quarter will be provided to all active full-time Staff Attorneys (part-time staff will receive a pro-rated share).  In addition, effective January 1, 2002, each Staff Attorney will have the individual option to use pre-tax compensation to purchase additional TransitCheks as administratively practical within the maximum amount allowed by law.

2.3.  Vacation Buy-Back.  Each Staff Attorney in the Capital Division, Civil Division, Criminal Appeals Bureau, Federal Defender Division, Juvenile Rights Division, Volunteer Division, and Special Litigation Unit of the Criminal Defense Division will have the option of selling back five [5] vacation days per contract year, to be paid at the rate in effect on June 30.

2.4.  Pension.  The Society will, no later than seven [7] months from the close of the respective semiannual evaluation period, contribute 6.5% of covered salary, as defined in the Pension Trust Agreement and Pension Plan, to the Legal Aid Society Staff Attorney Pension Plan.  Actual out-of-pocket expenses for legal counsel (not to exceed $50,000 per Plan year), consultants, accountants or others retained by the Plan will be payable from the Society’s contributions.

2.5.  Travel Reimbursement.  Staff Attorneys in all divisions leaving evening and/or night institutional assignments will be fully reimbursed for taxi fare within the five NYC boroughs.  Managers will approve taxi fare beyond NYC limits on a case-by-case basis.

2.6.  Meal Allowance.  Staff Attorneys in all divisions will receive a meal allowance of $8.75 for performing mandatory work assignments that extend five [5] or more hours beyond the scheduled workday.

2.7.  Foreign Language Classes.  The Society will maintain a $25,000 fund to reimburse individual Staff Attorneys a maximum of $500 annually for the cost of foreign language classes relevant to Legal Aid work.

2.8.  Health Benefits.

2.8.1.   Retirees.  Effective July 1, 2002, a Medicare supplement with prescription drug rider will be provided to Staff Attorneys who:  (1) retire on or after July 1, 2002; (2) have been employed by The Legal Aid Society for 25 years or more[1]; and (3) who will at retirement have reached age 65.

2.8.2.   Oral Contraceptives.  Effective January 1, 2002, Staff Attorney health coverage will include oral contraceptives.

2.8.3.   Dental.  Effective January 1, 2002, maximum dental benefits will be increased to $1500 per year.

2.8.4.   Vision.  Effective January 1, 2002, vision benefits will be increased as detailed in Appendix 2.

2.9.  Long-Term Disability.  The maximum annual benefit for Staff Attorneys who go on long-term disability on or after January 1, 2002 will be increased to 60% of $80,000.

2.10.    Supplemental Life Insurance.  On or before January 1, 2002, Staff Attorneys will have the individual option to purchase the supplemental life insurance described in Appendix 3.

3. Time-Off.

3.1.  Parental Leave.  Section 6.3 of the Memorandum of Agreement 1998-2000, which pertains to Article III(4)(d)(2) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement 1994-1998, shall be amended as follows: Subject to approval as to its legality, any parent of a newborn or newly-adopted child/children or a new step parent of a child/children who resides with the Staff Attorney-parent more than fifty [50] percent of the time, may take up to eight [8] weeks (40 days, exclusive of paid holidays) of paid parental leave in order to care for and establish a relationship with the child/children.  In concept, this leave is provided to assure paid time off during the period immediately following the birth, adoption, etc.  Paid parental leave would therefore precede any vacation, comp. time or unpaid leave that the new parent/step-parent may wish to take in connection with the birth, or adoption, etc., and would run concurrently with any disability leave—maternity-related or otherwise—that may be appropriate for either parent during the initial eight [8] week period after the triggering event, exclusive of paid holidays.  However, recognizing that individual circumstances may vary, the employee(s) may, in consultation with supervisor(s) involved, use the paid parental leave on a different schedule, provided that (1) it cannot extend beyond the first year after the triggering event; and (2) the total amount of paid time off associated with the commencement of the particular parenting relationship is not increased by the rescheduling.

3.2.  Part-time Work Schedules.

3.2.1.   Salary.  Effective September 1, 2001, part‑time employees will advance annually on the salary schedule.

3.2.2.   Job Sharing.  Staff Attorneys who job share will have the individual option to work more than 50% paid time, subject to prior Management approval.

3.3.  Private Practice.  Staff Attorneys on sabbatical leave may engage in the practice of law when it does not present a legal or funding conflict with the Society, subject to case-specific prior Management approval.

4. Quality of Representation.

4.1.  Workload Standards.  Within six [6] months of this agreement, standing joint Union-Management workload committees in each division will set provisional guidelines, subject to ongoing revision and refinement, for maximum individual attorney workload consistent with high-quality representation for each LAS client.  Where that guideline is exceeded, the attorney will be relieved through such steps as reduced intake, case transfer, and/or other appropriate measures.

4.2.  Felony Certification.  [Add to end of existing language (Article IV(7)(D), at 23)]:  Felony-certification will not be revoked because of an attorney’s transfer to another office or borough.  [Add new subdivision (2) to Article IV(7)(D), at page 23.]: A joint Union-Management Committee in the Criminal Defense Division will develop felony certification standards.

4.3.  Oversight Committee Reports.  Whenever feasible, Management will solicit the Union’s views regarding submission of narrative reports for funders or other oversight bodies concerning Legal Aid performance under its contracts.

* * *

This agreement is subject to ALAA membership ratification. 


BY: /s/___________________________DA:  November 14, 2001

Michael Letwin, President


BY: /s/____________________________  DA:  November 14, 2001

Daniel L. Greenberg, President

Appendix 1:  Salary Chart

(New Steps in Bold)

Step # Attys[2] Current Y1:  10/1/00 Y2:  10/1/01 Over 3% in Y2 by
LG 15 36,750 37,853 41,200 2,211
1 17 37,500 38,625 41,973 2,189
2 39 39,000 40,170 43,260 1,885
3 75 42,100 43,363 45,320 656
4 46 46,500 47,895 49,332
5 42 50,200 51,706 53,257
6 33 53,900 55,517 57,183
7 29 56,250 57,938 59,676
8 36 58,350 60,101 61,904
9 30 60,250 62,058 63,920
10 29 64,500 66,435 68,428
11 37 68,500 70,555 72,672
12 45 71,500 73,645 75,854
13 69 75,000 77,250 80,000 432
14 80,500 932
15 60 76,000 78,280 81,000 372
16 81,500 872
17 46 77,000 79,310 82,000 311
18 82,500 811
19 83,000 1,311
20 12 78,000 80,340 83,500 750
21 84,000 1,250
22 5 79,000 81,370 84,500 689
23 85,000 1,189
24 85,500 1,689
25 57 80,000 82,400 86,000 1,128

Appendix 2: Vision

The Legal Aid Society

Vision Care Benefits

Carrier: Spectera

Effective Date: January 1, 2002

Frequency of Services: Exam every 12 months

Lenses every 12 months

Frames every 24 months

12- or 24-month benefit is measured from last date of service


In-Network Benefits:

Co-payments:   $10 toward examination

$20 toward materials (lenses and/or frame)

After the material co-payment, lenses are 100% covered every 12 months.  After the material co-payment, frames within the Spectera selection or allowance are 100% covered every 24 months.

In lieu of lenses and a frame, you may select contact lenses.  Four boxes (12 pairs) of covered disposables are included in the materials co-payment when obtained from a network provider.

Should you choose patient options not covered by the Spectera program, such as tints, progressive lenses, scratch, UV, and anti-reflective coating, you will be able to purchase these options at a significant discount.

Spectera participants receive access to discounted refractive eye surgery procedures from numerous provider locations throughout the United States.

Out-of-Network Reimbursements:

Examination: $35

Single Vision Lenses:   $25

Bifocal Lenses: $40

Trifocal Lenses: $55

Lenticular Lenses: $120


Elective Contact Lenses:   $105 (in lieu of spectacle lenses and a frame)

Necessary Lenses:   $220

Appendix 3: Supplemental Life

The Legal Aid Society

Supplemental Life Insurance

Carrier: MetLife

Effective Date: January 1, 2002

Plan Design: Increments of $25,000

Plan Maximum: $375,000

MEOI (Medical Evidence of Insurability) Level: $200,000

Rates for calendar year based on age at January 1

Rates and plan design contingent on 25% enrollment

Plan is fully portable upon termination of employement

Monthly Rate

Monthly Rate    per $25,000

Age at Jan 1 per $1,000___   (rate per $1,000 x 25)

<25   $.06  $1.50

25-29    $.06  $1.50

30-34    $.09  $2.25

35-39    $.11  $2.75

40-44    $.13  $3.25

45-49    $.20  $5.00

50-54    $.34  $8.50

55-59    $.62  $15.50

60-64    $.78  $19.50

65-69    $1.30    $32.50

70-74    $2.11    $52.75

[1]Time spent on long-term disability will be included in determining this period.

[2]Head count at 6/22/01 (excludes FDD).


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