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April 5, 2001

2001.04.05: Contract Negotiations

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Microsoft Word – Report 1


To: ALAA Members

Fr: Michael Letwin

Re: Contract Negotiations

Da: April 5, 2001

Contract Proposals.  On March 20, the Delegate Council unanimously adopted the attached ALAA contract proposals, discussion of which with management will begin shortly.

Executive Board Elections.  The following are the results of election at the DC to vacant positions on the Executive Board (Bargaining Committee):

Health Benefits Representative.  Kathryn Smith:  24; Barbara Byrne:  18.

Health & Safety Representative. Daniella Korotzer:  30; Tom Bomba:  12.

Kathryn Smith (health benefits) can be reached via e-mail or at 212.577.3515.  Daniella Korotzer (health and safety) can be reached via e-mail or at 718.243.6296.  For help with specific problems, please continue to contact your office-level Union reps and/or ALAA HQ (212.343.0708).

On May 15, the DC will fill a newly-created part-timer position on the Executive Board (nomination deadline is May 8).

ALAA Bargaining Proposals
Adopted March 20, 2001

1.  Salaries.

1.1.  Increase salaries to achieve ADA comparability; across-the-board increases and additional senior steps.

1.2.  Increase comp/vacation buy-back.

2. TransitCheks.

2.1. Permanent contractual benefit.

2.2. Individual option to purchase additional TransitCheks on pretax basis.

3.         Pension.

3.1. Increase contributions.

3.2. Fixed contribution schedule.

3.3. More individual investment options.

4.  Health Insurance.

4.1. Unified management/staff attorney plans.

4.2. Retiree coverage.

4.3. Opposite-sex domestic partner coverage.

4.4. Increase dental/vision benefits.

4.5. Lower doctor visit and R/X co-pays.

4.6  Contagious disease inoculation.

4.7. Cover birth control pills.

4.8. Cover removable prosthetic devices.

4.9. Permit faxed claim forms.

5. Life Insurance.

5.1. Increase benefit.

5.2. Implement individual option to supplementary group coverage by a date certain.

6. Long-Term Disability.

6.1. Increase benefit.

6.2. Investigate individual option to buy additional coverage on tax-free basis.

7. Loan Forgiveness Fund.

8. Time-Off.

8.1.   Paternity benefits for both parents in two-staff attorney households.

8.2. Sick leave to care for ill family members/domestic partners.

8.3.  Comp/vacation donations to other staff.

8.4. Personal/religious floating holidays.

8.5. Increase non-CDD personal days.

8.6. Comp. days for non-CDD staff attorneys.

8.7. Comp. time in all divisions for mandatory after-hours work.

8.8. Reasonable exceptions to private practice ban during leaves of absence.

9. Part-Time Work.

9.1. Annual step increases.

9.2. Fully-paid health benefits.

9.3. Consistent policy across divisions.

9.4. Increase number of slots.

10. Expense Allowances.

10.1.  Increase arraignment cab fare, and extend to other assignments.

10.2.  Meal allowance for other off-hour assignments.

10.3. Paid local bar association dues.

10.4. Foreign language training and/or class reimbursement.

11. Quality of Representation.

11.1. Standardize CDD felony certification.

11.2.  Attorney:support staff ratios.

11.3. Stronger workload protection.

11.4. Union input on responses to oversight committee reports.

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