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January 8, 2001

2001.01.08: Joint Affirmative Action Representatives

Sent: Monday, January 08, 2001 3:15 PM
Subject: Joint Affirmative Action Representatives
Importance: High

As previously noticed December 6 ALAA Union Update, elections for the vacant ALAA affirmative action positions listed below will take place at the January 23, 2001 Delegate Council meeting.

Please note that, to be considered, nominations must be received at ALAA HQ by Weds., January 10, 2001 (nominations already received are in parentheses).

These key representatives represent ALAA, which speaks for Staff Attorneys in regard to formulation and implementation of the Society’s affirmative action policies.

Given the importance of this responsibility, each representative (or their alternate) is expected to regularly attend meetings of the Joint ALAA Affirmative Action Committee and to hold meetings with their constituents.

**Union-Wide Representative.  The union-wide affirmative action representative is a member of the ALAA Executive Board, co-chairs the ALAA Joint Affirmative Action Committee, and attends meetings of the Delegate Council.

**Civil Division.  Representative and alternate.

**Criminal Appeals Bureau/Capital/Federal Defender.  Alternate:  Juan Beritan (PRP).

**CDD–Brooklyn.  Representative and alternate.

**CDD–Manhattan.  Alternate representative.

**CDD–Queens.  Representative and alternate representative.

**Juvenile Rights Division.  Representative and alternate:  Dodd Terry and Michelle Rochester-Rae.

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