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June 16, 2000

2000.06.16: Rally Monday to Save Shaka’s Life

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From: LHerschel@HQEAST.HQ [mailto:LHerschel@HQEAST.HQ]
Sent: Friday, June 16, 2000 6:26 PM
To: Everyone At The Legal Aid Society@HQWEST.WEST
Subject: Rally Monday to Save Shaka’s Life

Just a reminder about the rally Monday at 5:00 for GARY GRAHAM/ SHAKA SHAKOFA, an innocent man on Texas’ death row!!


If you can’t get there till 6 or even 7, you should still come.  We need everyone we can get.

Also TELEPHONE GOV. GEORGE BUSH all week:  512-463-2000 or -1782  Fax 512-463-1849
Email letters:

or write:
George W. Bush
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428

If you have time to write a letter and send it right away or fax or e-mail it, that’s probably the most effective of the above methods.

*   *   *   *
> On June 22nd, Gov. George W. Bush of Texas is scheduled to preside
> over the execution of 38 year-old Gary Graham.  If allowed to proceed,
> the execution would mark Bush’s 132nd execution as Governor
> —  accounting for about one-fifth of all executions in the United
> States since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976.
> Graham’s execution would not only be a new record; it would be a
> tragedy. Gary Graham is innocent of the murder of which he was charged
> and convicted.
> As the police department’s own ballistic tests determined, the gun
> with which Graham was arrested and that allegedly linked him to the
> crime could not have fired the bullet that killed the victim. This
> evidence was not offered at trial. In fact, not a single shred of
> physical evidence has linked him to the crime.  Yet, despite several
> other crime scene witnesses who corroborated his innocence, Graham was
> convicted of murder and robbery solely on the questionable testimony
> of one eyewitness.
> Furthermore, Graham’s court-appointed lawyers at trial had never tried
> a capital case and conducted no investigation of the evidence —
> evidence which could have been readily discovered and established his
> innocence.  These attorneys even failed to cross examine in the
> prosecution witnesses on crucial matters.
> With the evidence of his innocence still unheard, Graham’s case has
> drawn national attention.  Recently, I was joined at a Capitol Hill
> press conference, by Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, Minister Benjamin
> Muhammad(formerly named Ben Chavis), Gary Graham’s attorney, Richard
> Burr, and several activists, to call for a stay of execution and a new
> trial for Graham.  Surely, justice must prevail.  You can make sure
> that it does.
> Please call Gov. Bush at (ph) 512-463-2000 or (fax)
> 512-463-1849 and
> urge him to grant Gary Graham a stay of execution and a new trial.
> Withthe November presidential elections just months away, George W.
> Bush should call for a moratorium in the State of Texas so that
> decisions of life and death are not determined or complicated by
> “get-tough-on-crime” election year politics.
Imperfections in the judicial system, like those underscored in the Graham case, led me to introduce H.R. 4162, the Accuracy in Judicial Administration Act of 2000, which calls for a
> seven-year moratorium  on  the death penalty.
> Jesse Jackson, Jr. – Congressman Second District of Illinois


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