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November 23, 1999

1999.11.23: Union Update

[Download .pdf version: bulletin2]

Union Update
November 23, 1999
568 Broadway, Rm. 702A, New York, NY 10012-3225●212.343.0708●FAX 212.343.0966
●Delegate Council Meetings
●Remaining Union Elections
●Civil/Volunteer Funding
●Criminal Funding
●Levine Sentence Overturned

Delegate Council Meetings
The ALAA Delegate Council (former Executive Committee) will meet on Tuesday, December 7, 1999 and Tuesday, January 18, 2000. On the agenda for both meetings are remaining union elections (see below). The meetings will begin at 6:30 p.m., at ALAA HQ (agendas forthcoming).

Remaining Union Elections
The following ALAA offices will be elected in January:
●At-large Executive Board members.
●Union Trustees.
●Pension Trustees.
●Joint Affirmative Action Committee.
Nominations will close for all but delegate positions at the December 7, 1999 Delegate Council meeting. Please consider running for one of these offices; each plays an essential role in ALAA¬‘s democratic structure. For details, please see the attached notice or call the Union office.

Civil/Volunteer Funding
On Tuesday, November 30, there will be important meetings concerning the status of City EAF funding. Volunteer Division: 2 p.m. at CLO; Civil Division: 6 p.m., at 90 Church Street.

All members in those divisions are strongly encouraged to attend their respective meetings.

Criminal Funding
ALAA, 1199 and the Society continue to move forward in parallel lawsuits to reverse the Giuliani administration’s five-year assault on The Legal Aid Society’s criminal work. Depositions of current and former administration officials begin the week of December 6.

Meanwhile, City and RFP defendants are trying to block further depositions, including that of the Mayor, with a motion for summary judgment, to which the unions and Society have responded with the attached brief.

Levine Sentence Overturned
The ten-day jail sentence imposed on Manhattan CDD attorney Arnold Levine by Criminal Court Judge Donna Recant has been overturned in the attached decision.


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