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November 23, 1999

1999.11.23: Notice of Election

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[Original format: ELECTION2]

568 Broadway, Rm. 702A, New York, NY 10012-3225●212.343.0708●FAX 212.343.0966

Notice of Election

At-Large Executive Board Members, Union Trustees,

Pension Trustees, Affirmative Action Reps, and Delegates

Elections at the Delegate Council

Elections for the following positions will take place at the January 18, 2000 Delegate Council. Nominations should be sent to ALAA HQ as soon as possible, and must be received by the December 7, 1999 Delegate Council.

All positions require consistency and a substantial commitment of time and energy. All representatives will be provided with union training during 2000. Please email or call in nominations as soon as possible.

●At-Large Executive Board Members. The following issue/caucus representatives sit, with the union officers, on the ALAA Executive Board, for a term of three years, ALAA Bylaws, Art. VIII, § 2: (1) Affirmative Action (co-chairs the ALAA Joint Affirmative Action Committee); (2) Attorneys of Color of Legal Aid (ACLA)(nominated by ACLA); (3) Gay & Lesbian Caucus; (4) Health Benefits; (5) Health & Safety; (6) Junior Attorneys (Steps LG-4); and (7) Senior Attorneys (10 years+). Id., Art. VI, § 2.

The ACLA and Gay/Lesbian caucus representatives must be members of their respective constituencies. Id., Art. VIII, § 1.

“Except for the Health Benefits and Health and Safety representatives, the At-Large EB members will be responsible for calling regular ongoing meetings of the caucus or committee s/he represents and for arranging advance notice of such meetings to the membership.” Id., Art. VI, § 2.

●Union Trustees. Three elected union Vice-Presidents will serve as Union Trustees for a term of three years, Id., Art. V, § 1; Art. VIII, § 2, to “have general supervision over all funds and property of the Local Union.” UAW Constitution, Art. 40, § 12.

●Pension Trustees. The Society and ALAA each appoint three pension trustees to monitor and oversee the Staff Attorney Pension Plan. Union trustees are elected for a term of three years. ALAA Bylaws, Art. 8, § 2.

●Affirmative Action Representatives. Union representatives to the Joint ALAA Affirmative Action Committee include a co-chair and representatives/alternates from the following vice-presidential constituencies: (1) Civil Division; (2) Criminal Appeals Bureau/Capital Defense/Federal Defender; (3) CDD-Bronx; (4) CDD-Brooklyn; (5) CDD-Manhattan; (6) CDD-Queens; (7) Juvenile Rights Division; and (8) Volunteer Division/CLO.

Pursuant to Union contract, the Joint Committee, which began its work earlier this year, sets Society policy in regard to affirmative action. To date, the Committee has hired a new Society affirmative action officer and begun to revamp LAS recruitment. It is now organizing diversity training for K2000.

In-Office Delegate Elections

Delegates/Alternates will be elected in local offices from January 3-January 11, 2000.

The newly-elected Delegate Council will first meet on January 18, 1999, at which time it will elect the remaining Executive Board members, trustees and other representatives (see above).

The increased member/delegate ratios are as follows: 0-14:1; 15-24:2; 25-34:3; 35-:4, etc. Each unit, regardless of its size, may elect a maximum of three ranked alternates. ALAA Bylaws, Art. V, § 2. All units will be notified in advance of the number of representatives to which they are entitled.

Delegates/Alternates are elected for a two-year term. Id., Art. VIII, § 2. Their responsibilities include: (1) Convening meetings of unit members; (2) Handling grievances; (3) Promoting dialogue between unit members and the rest of the union; (4) Working with other office representatives (if any), their Vice-President, and union headquarters; (5) Participating in meetings of the Delegate Council and other union activities; and (6) Generally carrying out union policy.

(November 23, 1999)

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