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March 3, 1999

1999.03.03: Report on Union Contract Negotiations

[Download formatted document: 3399-bulletin ]

From: Michael Letwin

To:Everyone at the Legal Aid Society

Date: Wed, Mar 3, 1999 14 2:14 pm

Subject: Report on Union Contract Negotiations

To:All ALAA & 1199 Members

Fr:Michael Letwin & Cynthia Wolff

Re:Contract Negotiations

Da:March 3, 1999


The following is a report on the status of ALAA and 1199 contract negotiations.As in the past, the unions are in close coordination concerning their joint progress.

ALAA Contract Bargaining

On February 10, management offered a 2.5% compensation increase in the first year of a new contract.Management stated that this was the amount already budgeted for raises throughout the Society and that any further increases would be at the expense of hiring and other needs.Management also identified other, primarily non‑economic, proposals which it is willing to explore further with the Union.

In response to management’s economic offer, the ALAA Bargaining Committee proposed a two‑year contract, with a total average increase of approximately 8.2% in the first year and 5% in the second year.

The Union’s proposal is designed to:(1) Yield raises for all steps; (2)Bring LG and Step 1 into salary comparability with ADAs; (3) Eliminate salary compression at certain middle steps; and (4) Add steps after 13.

The proposal would also increase lobster compensation by $75/shift and make permanent the Society’s payment of biennial bar registration fees.

The Society will respond to ALAA’s proposal at the next bargaining session on Friday, March 5.

In regard to non‑economic issues, the parties have convened the joint subcommittees to seek agreement on the following areas:

(1) Quality of representation (workload and continuity, training);

(2) Part‑time, half‑time and job‑sharing;

(3) Probationary period, third‑time bar passage and private practice on leaves of absence;

(4) Compensatory time in divisions other than CDD; and

(5) Release time for union reps.

Diversity issues are already under discussion in the Joint Union‑Management ALAA Affirmative Action Committee (which is currently engaged in the process of hiring an affirmative action officer).

1199 Contract Bargaining

On Monday, March 1, the 1199 Negotiating Team presented to management the demands adopted at the February 3 membership meeting (to get a copy, please see your union delegate).The next 1199 bargaining session is scheduled for Monday, March 15.


Further reports will follow.

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