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October 1, 1997

1997.10.01: Training Program for Union Representatives

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Training Program for Union Representatives
By Michael Letwin
Rev. October 1997

Session 1: Role of Union Representatives.

1. Inform, hear, service, involve and lead unit members.

A. New Attorneys. Welcome, orient and recruit.

B. Written information. Contribute to and immediately distribute/post Union materials.

C. Meetings. Regular and/or emergency meetings, characterized by full participation; adequate deliberation; timely resolution/decision-making.

C. Individual contact.

2. Participate in and build Union leadership.

D. Regular Union rep. meetings (see criteria for successful meeting above at 1(C)).

E. Delegate responsibility and create accountability.

F. City-wide leadership role: Executive Committee (EC), maintain contact with officers and Union HQ.

3. Interact with Management (local/division): grievances & joint committees.

Session 2: Employee Rights

4. Contract. Substance and Procedure.

5. Statute.

6. Weingarten rights.

7. Insubordination.

8. Information.

9. Duty to bargain.

10. Discrimination.

11. Duty of fair representaztion.

H. Discrimination.

I. Health & safety.

J. Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

K. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Session 3: Legal Aid and ALAA

12. LAS.

L. History.

M. Funding sources.

N. Structure.

13. ALAA.

O. History.

P. Structure.

Session 4: Labor Movement Overview.

14. History.

15. NYC labor scene.

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