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March 14, 1995

1995.03.20: Executive Committee Bulletin #33

[Download .pdf version 33 ]Association of Legal Aid Attorneys

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Executive Committee Bulletin #33•March 14, 1995

Executive Committee Agenda

Monday, March 20, 1995, 6:30 p.m.

All Members Welcome – Pizza Served. Estimated length of meeting: 2.5 hrs.


Please Note: This is an Urgent EC Meeting to Address the Current Funding Crisis – All Offices, Delegates and Alternates Should Attend


1. Adoption of EC Minutes from February 21, 1995 (attached)(1 min.).

2. Main Agenda Item: ALAA Response to Legal Aid Funding Crisis: (1.5 hours).

A. CDD/CAB. Adoption of additional proposals now under discussion in the offices in regard to current $10.8 million NYS cut.

B. Civil/Volunteer.


D. Other.

3. Bargaining Committee Membership: Filling Open Positions (Lesbian & Gay, Health Benefits – (Please be prepared to nominate and vote)(15 min.).

4. Federal Defender Salary Increases (5 min.).

5. Political Action: Brief Discussion of Inter-Union Coalition Against Cuts (5 min.).

6. Labor Notes Conference: ALAA Delegation to National Conference of Rank and File Unionists in Detroit at the end of April (5 min.).


EC Minutes: February 21, 1995

Legend. VP=Vice President; AVP=Alternate Vice President; D=Delegate; DVA=Designated Voting Alternate; NVA=Non‑Voting Alternate; *=Voting in Another Capacity; M=Member; A=Absent; CDD Numbers/Letters=Complex; Dble Underline=motion adopted; Strike Through=motion defeated; Shading=motion tabled..

ALAA Staff. President: Michael Letwin; Secretary‑Treasurer: Michael Dinnerstein;

Civil & Volunteer. VP: A; Aging: Judy Whiting (D); Appeals/Homeless Family Rights: A; Bronx: A; Brooklyn Neighborhood Office: A; Chelsea: Dennis Boyd (D); Community Law Office: Lisa R. Edwards (D); Maria Elena Gonzales (NVA); Bill Nelson (M); Paula Pace (M); Millie Pinott (NVA); Edwin Vega (M); Carwina Weng (M); Far Rockaway: A; Harlem: Josh Goldfein (DVA); Queens: A; Staten Island: Quiche Suzuki (ACLA).

Criminal Appeals Bureau (CAB) and Federal Defender Division. VP (CAB & Federal): A; AVP: A; CAB Proper: Laura Boyd (D); Parole Revocation: A; Prisoners’ Rights: Milt Zelermeyer (D); FDD (Appeals): Mark Gombiner (D); FDD (EDNY): A; FDD (SDNY): A.

Criminal Defense Division (CDD). BxVP: A; AVP: A; Cherebin; BxA: A; BxB: A; BxC: A; BxD: A; BkVP: Jean Mandic; Bk1: A; Bk2: A; Bk3: A; Bk4: Danny Ashworth (D); Bk5: A; Bk6: Sonya Zoghlin (D); MVP: A; M1: A; M2: A; M3: A; M4: A; M5: A; M6: A; MNDU/STAB: A; QVP: Barbara Byrne; Q1: Larry Halfond (D); Q2: A; Q3: A; Q4: A; SI: Tom Bomba (D); Special Litigation: A.

Juvenile Rights Division (JRD). VP: Nancy Ginsburg; AVP: Adrien Lesher; Appeals: Kenn Rabb (DVA); Bronx: A; Brooklyn: A; Manhattan: A; Queens: A; Special Litigation: Michael Scherz; Staten Island: A.


1. Criminal Appeals Bureau. Motion (Gombiner/Zelermeyer): Endorse all efforts to get Phil Weinstein reinstated and insist upon full staff participation prior to any restructuring (passes unanimously by voice vote).


2. Community Law Office/Volunteer Division. Motions (Edwards/Popper):


A. Support all efforts on the part of CLO and any and all affected attorneys to have an equal role in any or all efforts to restructure the Volunteer or any Division, which necessarily includes David Wechsler’s role at CLO and LAS (passed: 13-0-1).

B. Amend the ALAA By-Laws to create a separate Vice President position for the Volunteer Division (passed: 11-1-1).

C. Demand that there be no involuntary transfers of any attorneys or support staff currently working at CLO without buyouts (passed: 12-0-0).

D. Condemn the secret and insular process utilized by Daniel Greenberg in firing various division heads (passed: 10-0-2).

E. Require that all communications between management and union members and officials regarding restructuring not be made in confidence (failed: 3-9-1).

F. Demand the resignation of Daniel Greenberg in light of his continual breach of trust with the union and the staff of the Society (failed: 5-6-0).

G. Demand that David Weschler be reinstated as head of the Volunteer Division since Greenberg has, by decree, abolished both the position and the Division (Passed: 9-0-4).


3. State Budget Crisis. Governor Pataki has proposed eliminating $10,840,000 from the Aid to Defense and Point of Entry Budgets for Legal Aid, $1,050,000 from the Civil Legal Services budget for Legal Aid, and $550,000 from the Homelessness Prevention budget for Legal Aid. Society has agreed to release up to two Staff Attorneys to coordinate ALAA’s lobbying against the cuts.


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