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December 15, 1994

1994.12.15: ALAA/1199 News Update

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ALAA/1199 News Update
December 15, 1994 Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/Legal Aid Chapter of 1199

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Buyout Requests In

As of today’s 5 p.m. deadline to send in or withdraw buyout applications, 61 CDD/CAB Staff Attorneys had requested buyouts.  Meanwhile, late this afternoon CDD/CAB supervisors were notified of whether they will be retained as managers, returned to staff, or laid-off.

Transfers to Non-Criminal Divisions

ALAA and the Society have agreed that Staff Attorneys in non-criminal divisions will have an equal opportunity to apply for open positions in those divisions.  Were an attorney in those divisions picked for a currently open slot, a transferring CDD/CAB attorney would take the slot opened by that intra-division transfer.


The Society has taken under consideration ALAA’s query about whether attorneys will be able to bank and contribute their unpaid furlough days to other attorneys.

CDD Restructuring

Support Staff “Banding.” Yesterday, 1199 representatives met with Management to discuss the Union’s alternate proposal for broadening support staff job classifications.

In response to the Board’s suggestion of two job bands, the 1199 proposal calls for the following six bands:  clerical, secretarial, legal assistance, social service, investigation and communications.  Under this proposal, statistical assistant, CSA, library clerk, community escort and communications positions would remain in central units rather than teams.

In yesterday’s meeting, Management agreed that:  1) Some DLAs (Defense Legal Assistants) would remain posted at Rikers Island, while others will be assigned to teams;  2) DLAs will be supervised by an attorney-supervisor;  3) Social workers supervisors will be available to assist Sentencing Advocates (FSAs and FSWs), who will work in the teams;  and 4) Supervisors will be available to oversee those positions, such as word processors, CSAs and general administration, which will remain centralized.

Management and 1199 participants reported that the meeting was very productive.  Further discussion will follow shortly.

City-Wide Transition Committee. Also meeting yesterday afternoon was the citywide CDD transition committee, composed of representatives from the two unions, CDD and central Management.

The meeting heard reports from all four office-level joint Union-Management transition committees.  Most speakers underscored the importance of allowing each office the freedom to adapt the “team” model to the needs of their local legal practice, particularly in such areas as the number of complexes to begin with, team size, arraignment coverage, and length of team coordinator terms.

ALAA representatives also stressed that it is essential for supervisors to retain the responsibility of arranging emergency case coverage, which would otherwise overwhelm team coordinators.

While many of these and other issues are not yet fully resolved, there was general consensus that flexibility in implementing the “team” model is essential and that issues such as those above should be referred for resolution to the local joint office committees.  Next week, the committee will also take up the role of STAB/MOPP attorneys (senior attorneys who handle particularly difficult cases) under the new CDD structure.


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