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October 5, 1992

1992.10.05: 1992 Bargaining Report #14

1992.10.05- Bargaining Report #14- Membership Ratifies First On-Time Contract (ALAA) — OCR

Officers/Delegates: Please Copy & Distribute Immediately to All ALAA & 1199 Members

1992 Bargaining Report #14 – October 5, 1992 ·@·65

The Association of Legal Aid Attorneys • District 65 • UA W • AFL-CIO

13 Astor Place, New York, NY 10003-6980 • (212)674-4188 • FAX: (212) 475-6091

Membership Ratifies First On-Time Contract

Record Turn-Out for October 1st Meeting

On Thursday, October 1st, by a vote of 536-268, the membership ratified the terms of the new contract.

The vote followed lengthy debate over whether to accept the contract or strike effective Thursday at


The settlement concluded a successfully-executed contract campaign begun in May and culminating

with the October 1st “No Contract, No Work” deadline, during which ALAA members stood firmly with

each other and with Local1199 support staff who recently settled their own contract. The campaign and its

results will be analyzed further in coming weeks.

The Bargaining Committee wishes to express its deep-felt thanks to all members for this support

throughout negotiations.

Settlement Summary

While awaiting formal contract language, please call the Union if you need clarification on the

following summary of the main elements of the contract.


• First Year. Average salary increase of 4.75% (as shown on management’s final wage chart), an

amount which will increase if, as is anticipated, assistant district attorneys receive raises in coming months.

• Second Year. Raises tied to those received by assistant district attorneys and increases in the

differential between steps 10-11, 11-12, and 12-13 to $1,000, $1,000 and $2,500 respectively.

• Delay in Step One. The transition from Law Graduate to Step One will now take effect upon bar

admission, rather than bar passage.

Health Benefits

Under both the GHI and modified CIGNA options, management will guarantee the benefits level

for the life of the contract. During October, the membership will make a group choice between the two types

of health insurance, during which time management will maintain the existing CIGNA health plan as is.

• GHI. Management will pay up to $340 per member/per month to fund the plan as envisioned by

the Union.

• CIGNA. A modified version of the existing plan. For those choosing indemnity coverage (i.e. to

see your own doctor): deductibles of $250/$500 individuals and families respectively, stop-loss of $5,000,

15%/30% premium contributions for individuals and families respectively (limited to initial dollar amount

during the first year, and by management’s agreement to absorb the first $200,000 in the second year), drug

card increase to $10 and $12 for generic and brand name drugs respectively, and a possible change to managed

mental health care. HMO options without premium contributions will be made available for those who wish

to elect for them annually.

1992 Bargaining Report # 14


• Domestic Partner Coverage. Health insurance coverage for the domestic partners of lesbian and

gay attorney, when such coverage becomes available.

• Elimination of Jointly-Trusteed Health Fund and Fund Broker.

• Restriction on Continued Coverage for those who Resign.

• Resolution of Dependent Coverage. Comparability determination will take into account spousal

contributions to other coverage.

Affirmative Action

• Diversity training for all attorneys, based on consultation with Joint Affirmative Action Task Force;

• Provision of greater information to Task Force.


Management must take all reasonable steps to protect clients and staff from exposure to tuberculosis,


• Twice annual PPD testing and follow-up procedures;

• Masks and mask training;

• General TB training;

• Safe rooms in offices to conduct safe interviews with infected clients;

• Steps to ensure TB testing and treatment for clients;

• Reimbursement of out of pocket medical expenses for treatment of staff for TB under CIGNA,

and subject to discussion if GHI is chosen;

• Consideration of exemption from normal work of those with compromised immune systems.

Conditions of Ratification

Following the initial ratification vote, the entire membership further voted to reconsider acceptance

if management reneges on any material term of the agreement, or if management retaliates against any

member for Union action taken prior to the settlement.

Choosing Health Insurance

This week Union representatives will meet with City officials to discuss the viability of the GHI health

plan option. As soon as the GHI option becomes clearer, the Executive Committee will exercise the

discretion granted by the membership meeting to call a membership meeting or office balloting on which

health option to choose.

As we attempt to finalize the details of the GHI proposal, it would be helpful if members would

systematically submit their questions or concerns about the plan by sending your written questions or concerns to

the Union office during the week of October 5th. Once the details of the proposal are finalized, there will be

an additional opportunJty to ask questions or voice concern..s about the plan.

One-Day Strike Pay Checks

Most members have received their check for the July 15th one-day strike. This is a final call delegates

to submit the names of members who have not yet received their checks.

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